New Transmission

I have a 2006 Mercedes Benz ML 350 that my reliable mechanic says needs a new transmission. After shutting off on me while driving, a high pitched scratching noise appeared after I restarted it. That is when I took it to the mechanic. Apparently this is a repeatedly reported problem with this model yet there is no recall. Can someone please tell me how I can get them to fix this at no cost to me? A 3 year old car shouldn’t need a new transmission.

Truthfully, nothing that you have described so far would be symptomatic of a bad transmission.
While your mechanic may be “reliable”, I have to say that I question his diagnosis at this point–unless there are details that you have omitted from your post.

As to having Mercedes “fix this at no cost”, that will be impossible if you are dealing with an independent mechanic. Any warranty-related repairs or repairs related to recalls, service campaigns, or “good-will” must be done by an MB dealership. A visit to the Mercedes dealer’s service department is in the offing for you if you expect repairs to be done on MB’s dime.

Good luck!

Go to the dealer and talk to them. That’s the first step. Ask to talk to the regional rep. Approach the issue with an unassuming disposition and see what happens.

Thanks for your help! I have scheduled a diagnostic appointment at the dealership’s service dept. I’ll keep you updated.