2010 Mercedes-Benz M-Class noise

My ML350 makes a high pitched sound that can only be heard when either standing outside the car on the drivers side or whilst sitting in the inside the car, in the driver’s seat (maybe passenger just haven’t had a passenger since the problem). It’s a noise that is subtle but high pitched that I cann’t tolerate it while driving. Makes my head want to explode. I think it drives fine otherwise. The sound cannot be heard when standing in front of the car with or without the car hood open. The noise appeared after they serviced the transmission (replaced filter and fluid). I noticed it while driving home from the dealers and took it back the next day. I made a recording of it in case anyone at the dealers decided it was all in my head (being a woman, heard it plenty). The problem was not there before the service. I was told that it may be the part in front of the transmission. I brought the car into the dealership for it’s scheduled oil change and have paid $2000 already and now they want to charge for a part that they really aren’t sure is the problem and one they have never had to replace before. Please help me. Something tell’s me they are grasping at straws. I told them I wanted a second opinion but don’t know where or how to go about it while still holding them accountable. You’re the only peeps I know that know this stuff, like REALLY know cards. So here I am. Help, please?

Both you and the dealer are both in a worst case scenario. The service they did on the transmission- filter and fluid - should not, by itself cause this noise but it only happened after they did the service. Stuff DOES just fail and, for the dealer, having it fail right after THEY had their hands on it will get them blamed every time.

Your side is that you just paid $2000 (really? for a trans fluid and filter change? Does the fluid have gold in it? Well that’s M-B!) and now it makes an annoying noise. And the dealer is not sure where it is coming from.

Take it to another dealer or to an independent Mercedes specialist and get a second opinion. If that 2nd shop repairs it and concludes it was the fault of the M-D dealer, save all your paperwork, try to get that it writing and go back to the dealer and plead your case. It may end with a lawyer however. That’s up to you.

I hope this helps but probably isn’t what you wanted to read.

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