Mercedes Dilemma

I have been told that I need a new transmission for my 2000 E320 and it will cost nearly $6000! The Kelley Blue Book Private Value for the car in good condition is only around $7000. I have 123000 miles on the car. Is that quote high for a new tranny and should I do it or think about just selling the car in its present not workable condition?

Well I suspect that you are not going to get anything out of it as is. Anyone buying it would likely notice the transmission not working and would just deduct the replacement price from what they would otherwise be willing to pay.

Have you had more than one trusted shop check it out? Are you sure the transmission is toast? Are you sure that is the best price?

Don’t go to the Benz dealer. Find a good local shop. It might be cheaper to have the trans rebuilt although it will take longer

My local Benz Dealer used to remove automatic transmissions and take them to a shop 30 miles away where they were overhauled. I don’t know if they still do that, but that shop has become my transmission shop of choice. It is literally out in the middle of nowhere, three miles from the nearest town and a mile from the nearest farm neighbor. It was a one man show thirty years ago, working on farm equipment, thus the name. Now Steve employes nine techs and has bays for at least a dozen vehicles.