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New to this site :)

Hi there…Just bought a Ford F150 4x4 yesterday it’s a 1998 and is is REALLY good condition…It’s maroon in color…I dunno if this is a “girlie” thing but I would love some help in naming my new baby :slight_smile: lol any ideas???

Red Dog?

I like! But got told yesterday cant use red unless your truck is red :slight_smile:

Can’t call it Dorian Grey either. Tequila Sunreyes. Eric the Maroon.

How about Vintage 1998 Burgundy?


I would find a photo helpful.

Call it Fred (the Ford)

Do you have a name for your washing machine?? No? Then why name your truck…More to the point, why ask US to name it??

With oil heading to $100 a barrel again, and $4 gas returning in the next few years, buying a Ford F150 4X4 (unless you NEED one) is FOOLISH. So, you could name it “MY FOOLISH THING”.

Agree, everyone needs something that does not make sense. I have an environmentalist friend who drives a Prius, but travels the world to visit all these exotic places, while creating a massive amount of CO2 with his travels.

one word of advice: people snap easily here. dont expect it to be anything like the show.

Maroon Mischief.

Maroon Prune