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F150 crossroads

I am an artist and I sell my work at art festivals througout the East Coast. I carry everything in a '95 F150. It is a basic truck with a straight six, manual transmission and very few bells and whistles. It has been fantastic and still isn’t even burning oil. Now the question; I have put 262,000 on the truck and I find myself at the crossroad of keeping this thing for another fifteen years or moving on. Rebuild the engine when needed, put money into the body, etc., etc. I have about $12,000 in the budget to work with. Is this best spent on the rehab of this truck when needed or as the payment for a newer F150. I am a world class dilemma creator and this one really has me going. All thoughts appreciated. Richard Toft, Accomac, Virginia

If it was a 1990 or earlier I’d say sell it, but the truck you own is a well made piece of equipment. since it is not burning oil, and you dont complain about gas milage, I’d say keep it. On the other hand, how is the body and undercarriage rust situation? If that is bad, then again I’d sell or junk it, or part it out. Why are you not happy with this truck? you dont say. Just because it is old is no reason to let it go if all other factors are equal. 12 large is enough for an artist to live on for over a year. Maybe you have too much time on your hands to devote to thinking about this. Get a wife from New Jersey. You wont have any more time to think about this, but it will seem like it.

As much as I’d like to help you justify buying a new vehicle, alas, I cannot. You have the ultimate in transport, a fully paid vehicle that meets your needs, is about as bulletproof and super-easy and affordable to repair (when needed) as a vehicle can get, and isn’t even burning oil.

You don’t have a dilemma. You are seeking a dilemma. Drive on.

Sincere best.

Thanks: No rust and I am not unhappy with anything about the truck; just a little paranoid about the mileage. I will be doing a show on the Jersey Shore this sumer. I will be keeping my eyes open. Thanks, Richard

I think you can keep this one until your paintings start to show up at The Antiques Road Show. 2050: This is a great work; now if you had the 1995 Ford that the artist used to drive…

Wow…now that is a game plan!

Ah squeeze Mate,you must be sentimental(a bit anyway) you have in my opinion reached the magic F150 point.Its gonna be fairly reliable and cost about the same for upkeep for every year here on out,barring major calamity.Keep it till the cows come home-Kevin

Change the differential, transmission, radiator, brake and power steering fluids now. If the engine eventually goes, put in a used engine. Grow your $12000 into a real nest egg.