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Got a new truck/project

1985 F350 XL, 4 door, two tanks, straight body, couple minor bumper hits cracked the odd molding and lense . been sitting for a few yrs, was primed for repaint before being put up

sweet little 351, that has a jasper rebuild about 3-4000 miles ago, needs carb work

it was a work truck, but well maintained, the old guy got sick and died, and it never got put back on the road

one problem, one of the guys employees must have had a problem

the truck has B.O. seinfeldian B.B.O…, it s bad.

my boy dropped it off to me a couple of days ago as a gift , he says he didn t know, but he drove it… and he smiled…, LIAR!!! :slight_smile:

it has a MSD box, that apparently needs rebuilding, instead of the original ignition box, which I know nothing about, but that he says is better,

he used the one off his 1980 z 28 to get it running, which I also don t understand how it would work for a GM and a Ford.

I won t ask any specific question, as they are too numerous to mention, but feel free to chime in with anything

my boy is gonna do the carb and ignition for me, and it should be running fine soon, the motor purrs, but won t run at idle

I have a longterm plan to make it rather nice, and a longterm purpose in mind for it.

did I mention that there is no significant rust?

cab supports are fine, bed is lovely, floor is great… amazing

did I mention that there is no significant rust?

This was my initial concern since you stated it had been sitting in primer for so long. If they took it down to metal before priming, rust would be a big concern. Many primers readily pass moisture…

The stench would be my next biggest concern. Hope your’s turns out better than the Seinfeld episode…:stuck_out_tongue:

Having had many cars/trucks that sat, I know how bad rodent urine on an intake manifold can smell when the engine gets hot and the vents suck it into the cabin…

If there’s an issue with the MSD box I’d just put the stock Dura Spark box back on it. The DS is reliable and a new box is only about 30 bucks.

Yeah, agree with @ok4450. That MSD is a universal (that’s why the MSD from the Camaro worked) capacitive discharge box designed to fire multiple sparks. It isn’t rebuildable, it is replaceable…for about $165. I’ve used them on older and race vehicles. They work well but occasionally fail. The Duraspark box is much cheaper.

huh…, I wanted to go back to the original ign. but he assures me that the msd is better and can be rebuilt for 60 bucks

I know the ignition box on my old ford was 30 bucks, but that was years ago

my neighbor is a commercial carpet cleaner, and has a brand new state of the art large van set up for it. he is gonna do the truck for me sunday.

I m removing the seats to make it easier. the carpet is intact , but worn and stained in front.

the plan is to eventually get a rubber carpet from the dealership or wherever and replace, or just recover , the old carpet. I don t see the need to remove it, just the trim moldings and seats and stuff and put the rubber right on top.

if the stench can t be removed from the seat, or seats, I m not sure, I will try to find seats in a junk yard.

there is plenty of surface rust on the old prime job, and some minor issues to address before the paint, but no hurry, a few touch ups and mechanics and stench first. then aesthetics…

the interior and dash and front door panels and stuff is good. I think that he has replaced stuff as it broke, one of the seats, the front I think, looks to have been replaced once already, it doesn t match the color very well.

needs some new plastic door panels in back as they look to be original and have UV damage to the point of deteriorating.

window slides and stuff have been replaced and I have the two that haven t been in the back seat still in their package and two brand new exhaust donuts, tho I don t need them.

the guy may have stunk, but he took care of his truck.

except for the AC. the story is that he found his employees sitting in the truck with the AC on one day and got the sawzall out…, it has definitely been cut out with a sawzall…

like I said the engine has a recent rebuild, miles wise, and I think that it was under a pole shed type of open front garage while it sat

zee, front seat? …she is removed…

zee, back seat? she has had one bolt wrung off…

she is, how you say? …she being zee beach

i have found out why the frontseat slide wasn’t working, broken spring for far release.

i think that the smell is the front seat, which isn t original, i don t think. the back seat has little wear and good tough fabric.

the carpet looks to be a replacement, fitted carpet, which was done by the previous owner, not a bad job, but not professional.

The only advantage the MSD box MIGHT have would be in wide open throttle situatons. Many race car and custom car guys use MSD systems.

On any garden variety street car an MSD system is a waste of money.

On modern cars I wholeheartedly agree.
On my daughter’s '63 Comet that she just acquired, it would probably provide a more reliable spark. But, than, that old engine, as good as it was in '63 (and I admit to not knowing exactly what engine she has), could probably stand a lot of upgrades. It’s totally stock right now. :smiley:

yeah , I don t see the need, but I don t want to do the carb, and he might get offended if I shoot it down :slight_smile:

he has that z-28 all set up to run, computers, the whole she bang, looks like a sleeper on the outside with the original ugly brown faded paint job, but under the hood and the chassis and fuel systems and brakes are all righteous., I think his fastest time at the track was a 12.4 quarter mile.

the only thing that gives it away are the small drag tires on the back

I don t do racetracks…, too loud for me

maybe after he fixes it, I ll put the original back and put the msd box on my 75 ford :slight_smile:

Fabreeze for the smell. Hope it is not like the 09 f450, the other day, bad tensioner, popped the belt, a day of removing shrouds to get a new tensioner and belt, rumor has it if you have to do the heads you have to pull the cab!

A 12.4 at the drag strip is pretty darned snappy. Very cool. :smiley:

yeah, and it s tagged and street legal too…

now he wants a bigger engine, he want s to break into the 11 s…, idiot. :slight_smile:

google The Metal Shop, that s where he works, they build some cool stuff and send it worldwide…

unfortunately they re fit chicken plants too, and he is such a dependable good worker he will probably spend every holiday for the foreseeable future in Carolina or somewhere in a chicken plant.

but he get s to go to vegas and ohio and places to work on the crew of the Saigon Shaker too, so…

well I just traipsed thru the junkyard. we have one out in the country where you can still walk thru alone and get your own parts if you want to. 100-200 acres of cars trucks and mud.

the guy told me that he didn t have what I wanted, but I went thru anyway…, he was right…

I love that place…

they got rid of all their old stuff a few years back, but it is still cool

ok, I have had an einsteinian epiphany, please shoot it down if there is something I m missing…

I just checked the bolt patterns on the back seat. they exactly the same as the front seat, and there were good backseats in the junkyard, I think.

tell me why this is a bad idea, but don t get mad if I do it anyway, I like the straight bench seat anyway. and back seats are often pristine.

I could get the nice new leather seat that I want for a mere 1200.00 bucks…

I also saw an 83 shortbed ford four wheel drive with no motor or tranny and a rusty old body, but the suspension looked good. I fell in love, but I know my limitations…

ok, the back seat is in the front now, and it is higher and pulls further forward.

perfect for my ailing back…

(thanks for keeping the thread open CD)

I ve been diving in to this truck of late and am on the verge of accomplishing things.

I ve been off fighting in the Trump Wars all winter and have dragged myself home.

beaten battered but unbowed…

now that it is warm and spring is springing I am back seeking comfort, wisdom and simplicity in the company of old trucks , old men and old ladies…

I hope that you left a light on for me.

Yup, the light’s still on.

As long as the seat’s occupancy sensor plug will mate with the wiring harness connector, I can’t see any reason why this would be a bad idea. My main concern with this detail would be airbag operation. However, this truck having been made 10 years before airbags became mandatory, it probably doesn’t even have one… does it???

I guess I’m posting this reply mainly for the benefit of others who have airbags and should be aware of this issue.

no air bags.

I have to sit with the seat pulled up to the front extreme anyway, and with structural problems in my neck and back, and only one lung left, I would have to disable the airbag for my own safety anyway… getting hit in the chest is a no no for me

it has a seat belt connection sensor, not sure if it is an actual occupancy sensor. to be honest I can t stand having my car scold me anyway, so I doubt that I will plug it in.

I will buckle up tho…