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Ford f350 trying to get home

Not sure if this is the right forum or not but wanted to thank each and everyone of you for assisting us in getting home Monday from NC. We made it home.

For the one that asked if the problem was in the top or the bottom of the engine…we had reported the bottom.

Turns out that the wonderful deal we had gotten in Diesel for 1.99 a gallon turned out to be the culprit. After our 300 mile drive home and draining the tank, we put diesel in the ford (from a reputable place)and every problem we had been experiencing disappeared.

Here’s one for you men, sometimes your wife does have the answer. If I had taken into account her suggestion 10 minutes after the situation began, problem would have been resolved.

Thanks again for all your help.

We are back to BioDiesel…thank God!

“It’s the cheapskate who pays the most.” Tom and/or Ray say that.

I hope you notified that gas station of the problem you had after fueling up there so they are aware of possible water in their fuel tank(s) and will be able to correct the problem.

It takes about 5 minutes to check for water in fuel storage tanks.

All it takes is applying a litmus paste on the bottom foot of the tank dipstick, take a measurement to the tank bottom and pull it back out.

If the paste changes color, it will indicate there is water present and how much is in the tank.

On the non-mechanical sub-issue here, did you state clealy to your wife that you appreciate her suggestion now, and realize the error of your “alfa male” actions ?
This will be a deal braker from now till forever if you hold your head up high and your ego in check, for more than one reason. 1) It will maintain peace between you in all debates mechanical, family, money, etc when you listen to all incomming opinions when choosing an answer for yourself. 2) In doing this with the wife you learn do do it with everyone - debates stay just that and do not become arguements when you LISTEN to all input even if you don’t initially agree ( and you may never agree but listenig is key ). 3 ) It works both ways, when she sees you graciously listening to her opinion ( other people too ), she will return the favor.
Yes , I learned this the hard way too and have benefitted ever since from learnig to swallow my pride and team up with every one around me.

The four hardest words in the English language:
“I may be wrong”.
Once I got to the point where I could utter that sentence life became so much easier…

Wasn’t diesel about $1 more for a gallon than gasoline? So, just to clarify, that $1.99 a gallon “diesel” was actually gasoline? And, your wonderful wife noted the disparity in pricing?

Man,what an answer. I did not dismiss it…just thought it was something else…I agree and try to live by every point you stated…maybe not so much as usual in this case but all is good. She is not the type to ever rub my nose in anything or tell me I told you so. Thanks for the comment

Diesel 1.99 reg 2.29 to 2.49 and Gas has been around 1.29 to 1.49 in the VA Beach area.

That’s why I asked what method you used to postively identify the noise as being in the torque convertor,as I knew of none,and you recieved stars for your answer.

Hi oldschool. I responded to the question the other day the best I could with the tools and info I had. Thanks again for all your help. The acutal assistance leading us to the flexplate or defective torque converter came from the buy a mechanic answer website that will remain unnamed. I appreciate you sticking with us and guiding us through what you could.

As for the stars…I do not know how, who or what those are for. I am assuming for postive comments that lead to answers that are correct?

I was not trying to disrespect you, just trying to make a humorous point.
I apologize if I offended.


I suppose that we will never know if gasoline was put into the diesel truck fuel tank, or not. I’m confused by the “clarification”.