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New tires for 07 Honda CRV

I need new tires for my CRV. My mechanic is recommending Goodyear Eagle. I had the Intrepid, but they need to be replaced before their 50 thou miles. Any suggestions?

I would look at a couple of sources for info, before making a decision. Look at Consumer Reports, for their take on tires. Also look at customer and tire rack’s own reviews for tires that fit your vehicle. I have never owned either tire model you mention here, but tend to believe that GY Eagles may not be what you want on your CRV. I think a well-chosen all season tire might suffice for most driving conditions, and the Eagle doesn’t fit that concept, for me. Of course, knowing where you live and what conditions you drive in is key to any recommendation.

Yeah, research it more. You can find out lots at, feed in your preferences, see what it recommends. Lots of comparison reviews and owner comments, too.