2004 Honda Pilot replacement tires



I need to replace the tires on my Pilot. Any suggestions on what are the best. Right now I have the OEM Goodyear integrity.


Take a look at tirerack.com and see what is avaiable for your car. There are reviews available for your evaluation. Then go to Consumer Reports Nov 09 issue for their tire tests. Between the two data sources you should be able to pick tires in your price range that meet your needs. Tire rack is a good source even if you don’t make your final purchase from them. My last three sets of tires have come from Costco, and I based my decisions on the two info sources above.


I second the TireRack.com recomandation for research or even purchase.
I usually research at TireRack and then go purchase at Discount Tire if they can match and beat those prices. They’ve always done it for me so far.

I really like the service I’ve always received at Discount Tire: they are swift with installations, knowledgeable, will haggle/price match, and they can get for you pretty much ANY tire you want, within a day or two. Not to mention they will rotate and balance your tires for FREE. That alone, is worth buying the tires there. Also, any flat tires you might get, they’ll also fix them for free. I’ve probably gotten at least 15-20 sets of tires at my local Discount Tire shop over the last 2 decades, and they’ve always been TOP NOTCH in service.


And heres another vote for researching tires at tirerack.com

My wifes 02 Sonata came from the factory with ultra high performance Michelins. If thats not ridiculous on a family sedan I dont know what is. And I wasnt about to spend $150 bucks apiece for a new set of the Michelins.

After researching at tirerack I purchased a set of T rated Yokohama avid touring for 1/2 the price of the Michelins.

Half the price & excellent tires.

This is the 3rd set of tires that i’ve bought from tirerack.Good folks to work with.