New tires


I need 4 new all weather tires for my 2003 Honda CRV. I reside in Massachusetts and need tires that will perform well in occasional heavy snow as well as the usual “normal” weather. any suggestions?


A good place to research tires, even if you don’t buy there, is the Tire Rack web site. A nice feature is their “tire decision guide” which narrows the list to the tires that best meet your needs.

For what it’s worth, I have found Kumho tires to be good bargains.

If your CRV is all wheel drive, you can probably get by with all season tires. If they are not adequate, think about getting a extra set of wheels with dedicated snow tires. The Bridgestone Blizzak is one of many good choices.


I will mention the absolute best all-season I have experienced in the snow.

Its the Nokian WR which is the only all-season that is also winter tire rated. Its not a pure winter tire but very close, increible in the wet, quiet, and lasts ~50k miles. Its negatives(all tires have a compromise) are it priced top tier like a Michelin or Bridgestone however probably not terrible in a CRV size. Also in the dry for handling its average but that is likely fine for a CRV.

Where do you live in MA? If your interested there a running thread on another board specific to these tires about where to purchase based on pricing in Southern NH and around MA.


I live in Ma. also. Michelin and Bridgestone are the ones i have used on my daughter’s CR-V
Costco,B.J.'s are two sources i recommend.


The BJ’s closest to me is the one in Salem NH. Their tire department is now run by Monro Muffler. I no longer buy tires from BJ’s.


The BJ’s tire departments are a mess. Very untidy and disorderly looking, with grease and debris all over the place–at least the ones in NJ are like that, and I did notice that they are operated by a concessionaire, rather than by BJ’s themselves.

Also, the tires that they sell at BJ’s are the low end of the scale in terms of quality, rather than high-end, like at Costco’s vastly superior tire department. If you are looking for cheap tires for the short term, BJ’s may be okay, but if you are looking for high-quality tires, BJ’s is not a good choice.