New tires/wheels?

I have a 2000 Honda CRV. I’m not happy with the traction in snow and ice. Really bad, skid all over road and with new tires. I’ve driven all kinds of cars in snow and ice and never had this. At home I’m O.K. but I go to the mountains of W. Va. a couple of times each winter and I’m not looking forward to the 10% grade. Can anyone recommend an all weather tire that is good in snow? Should I consider getting larger wheels like the new CRV’s 17’s? Currently this car has 15’s.

Visit and for consumer feedback on various tires.

Blizzaks are generally considered about the best.

Changing the wheel and tire combination on that car will not help with this problem.

Look at Consumer Reports, Nov 09 issue for some evaluations of all season tires, by performance type, and how well they do in snow.

The top-rated winter tire is the Michelin X-Ice. It is superb in terms of traction to get going, cornering ability, and–most important–shortening your stopping distances on ice. It also features longer tread life than competing winter tires. An “all-season” tire will not compare to a highly-rated winter tire like the X-Ice.

If you really want to be able to use only one tire all year, then the only options that I know of are the Nokian Hakepellita (sp?) tires, and the Goodyear Triple Tread. However, they are still inferior to a specialized winter tire in rough winter weather.

Not so much anymore on the Blizzaks. I ended up going with the General ArcticMax. They are about 60% of the cost of the Blizzak, and are rated higher.

Agree with VDC; we have Michelin X-ICE on both our 2WD Nissan and Toyota and our son has them on his Mazda 3. We’ve had some bad snow storms here and every time we go out, including today, we see RVs and SUVs in the ditch. Those vehicles have AWD or 4WD, but somehow can’t get out of their own way.

The Finnish company Khumo makes a mean winter tire, a favorite with rallyers. However, they wear quickly on pavement.

There’s nothing wrong ith OP’s vehicle that a good set of winter tires won’t cure.

I highly recommend the Nokian WR or Nokian WR G2. They are one of maybe a handful of all-season tires sold in the US that are also rated Severe Winter rated(basically snow tire rated).

I have had multiple sets with Subaru & Civic and have been very satisfied.

Do not upsize, that does not help in winter conditions.

Unfortunately Consumer Reports “winter testing” is 0-20 MPH acceleration test on snow. And an unrealistic 10MPH-0MPH test on an ice skating rink. No lateral tests or other conditions.

Better than nothing I guess.

With 17" wheels, your tire cost doubles and tire choices are far more limited. Stick with the 15" wheels…

[b] Can anyone recommend an all weather tire that is good in snow? ]/b]

No they can’t. All weather tyres are really thee season tyres and winter is not one of them unless you live in lower Florida.

You wan a set of 4 winter tyres. They will make a big difference. They are not just the old “Snow” tyres with a new name, they are a totally different technology.

Of course no tyre is going to save you if you lack experience on snow and ice, or drive in an unsafe manner.

Drive carefully.

The 17" wheel also reduces the amount of sidewall available to absorb the impact when one hits those inevitable potholes.

Some all season tires are better in snow than others. Check with Consumer Reports.

Thank you, I have checked both of those websites. I did not know that changing the wheel size would not help.

Thanks, if I get a snow tire I will look into them.

Been there done that. Thanks

I hear ya, good info. Don’t go up in size.

Thanks, a friend just got the Goodyear Triple Treads and likes them. Do you keep the winter tires on December through February in Virginia/DC?

I hear ya!