Buying new tires, need guidance

Hello! First time poster here. We need to get new tires for my wife’s 2016 Honday Odyssey EX-L. This is the first time it has needed new tires since we bought it (used). I haven’t purchased tires in a while and want to do my due diligence prior to buying. I think I should look at an all-season tire, we live in Nebraska so traction in the winter is important. What are your thoughts on where to buy (i.e. dealership, local tire shop, Costco, etc.)? Also preferred brands. Thanks!

If traction is important in the winter, then you want a winter tire.


Costco are pretty good and cheaper than tire shops.A set of snow tires on rims is always preferred in snowy areas.Bridgestone Blizzak are one of the best snow tires out there.


Tire Rack has a lot of review and testing information worth reading.

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If you’re in Omaha or Grand Isle there are Discount Tire locations, that’s who I use in Dallas. I research tires on Tire Rack, also. You might also check out the Consumer Reports tire reviews.

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Yes, but Michelin’s winter tires are consistently ranked higher than Blizzaks.

No matter where the OP winds up buying his tires, the Tire Rack website will allow him to do his due diligence by viewing ratings of every tire that is available for his vehicle.


I have had awesome performance from Blizzack and Michelin X ice . I always got them on a set of rims for winter use. Bit of a pain with tire pressure sensors, but worth it in snow and ice conditions.

Go to a local non-discount tire shop and ask them what works well in your neighborhood. I ended up with Goodyear Weather Ready tires on my Acura and am quite happy. They do quite well in snow, ice, rain, and dry, and are quiet. About $1000. I was just going to go with OEM Mich but these are better. In Minnesota I’ve never used winter tires except snow tires in 1968. They are nice in the winter but have to be changed in the spring again for all season.

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I am in Kansas. An all-weather tire that I use is General Altimax RT 43. My good experience is backed up by Tire Rack and Consumer Reports ratings. I have found a good price at Discount Tire, and they seem to do good work.


I’ve also used the Altimax RT43 tires on our last minivan and we liked them a lot. They will be on my list when we need new tires in a few years on our 2019 Odyssey EX-L. I buy tires at Tire Rack and have them delivered to my repair shop for mounting, balancing, and alignment. I don’t do it to save money, but to get what I want and mounted by someone I trust.


Also agree with using either Tire Rack or Discount Tire, to get what you want.

We have a 2012 Odyssey and put a set of Cooper tires on it last year. They’ve been fine, though a little noisy. I’ve forgotten the exact model.

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Top recommendation would be Michelin Cross Climate from Costco. A second place would be the General Altimax 43 from Walmart, much cheaper option. If you live in a rural area that doesn’t get plowed frequently and you need to drive regardless, then you will need the winter tire option, preferably on separate steel wheels.


You’re getting lots of good advice here. I would only add that November issues of Consumer Reports have had tire test results, year after year, and these show up in some of their other publications and in their on-line presence.

Here’s another thumbs up on the RT43, especially if you want a year-round tire that’s pretty good in snow and ice. We have them on our minivan and might put them on our Honda Civic when our old winter Michelins are due for replacement.

I just don’t understand why something like buying tires is so difficult . I have had Cooper , Hankook , Pirelli , Goodyear , Michelin and some house brand that I can’t remember the name of . All have been All Season except for 2 sets of performance tires . All tire shops and retailers have web sites so one should be able to pick a set and even find the best cash back or buy 3 and get 4 deal.

I never bought snow tires, front wheel drive chrysler and ford van did fine with all season. Only lived in MN, WI, and ND, not sure if your roads get plowed or your driveway gets snowed in.

Of course not, just buy what ever they have to offer.

Ask the counter man in the tire store which tire is best and they will show you the tire with the most profit.

Visit Tire Rack, there are 17 brands and 96 tires offered for this vehicle, it shouldn’t take long to sort through the reviews for these.

A buy 3 and get 4 tire sale will always guaranty a quality tire.

I mount tires a couple of times a week, I use Bridgestone or Michelin tires on my old, cheap cars. There are quality tires from others but I am not going to sort through them to save a dollar.

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I’m running Sumitomo Ice Edge all year round. Dodge Caravan. They are quiet in summer and good in snow. If summer is hot where you live, all year snow tires may not be a good deal. I got tired of seasonal tire changing at $130 per year.

Nebraska can get pretty hot in the summer.

They’re a really important item, and for safety, road noise, and all that, why wouldn’t someone want to feel confident s/he was making the most informed choice for the expenditure?


fixed it for you :wink: The softer rubber in winter tires wears out quicker when the weather is warmer.

Why not get a cheap set of steel wheels to mount the snow tires on? Then you just have to swap the four tires when the seasons change