New tech and common theft

The photo caught my eye: hey, that’s my dark green 1999 Civic!

Air Tags are little coin-sized transmitters that broadcast their location. They are marketed to help people find lost or misplaced items - but stolen items like cars, bikes, backpacks have also been recovered. Police intervention highly recommended.

BTW, it’s not my 1999 Civic in this article: mine has different wheel covers. And inside, the coup de grace antitheft measure: 5-speed manual transmission.

How AirTags are being used to find stolen property - The Washington Post

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Air tags, OnStar, there are several ways to track your vehicle. Our 2009 Cobalt was stolen in 2011. My daughter had it at her university 8 hours from home. The thieves broke into her shared house and packed all the electronics in her Cobalt and then drove it out of the garage. When she called us, we contacted OnStar. Within 45 minutes of dialing their number, they located the car and notified the police. Given the way the local police handled the theft, they would never have found it it if OnStar hadn’t told them where it was.