Anti Theft Devices

My 87 Integra with 127k miles was stolen from Apt undercover parking in a 1hr window around 7pm.

First time my car was ever stolen.

Could you guys give some advice on Anti Theft Devices.

Previously I was advised against after mkt car alarm that immobilizes the car engine. So I gave up and never occurred to me that this car might still be a target. I did put 4 new Michelin tires.


If they want it they’re going to take it.
Some even show up with a flat bed wrecker ( faking a true towing job. ) and drag it right out of your parking spot.

An alarm system …that pages you…will be the only way to know when someone’s there. But even then, if you met up with them face-to-face, you could be risking your life or health over a car.

I use the Club or a similar device on all my vehicles. I know if a real professional wants my car, he will take it, but I don’t see why a real professional would want my car (98 Civic). There are easier targets around that are worth a lot more. The point is, it will deter amateurs and will discourage professionals, especially if you put it on backwards, which makes it harder to get leverage to break.

Your Integra was probably a crime of opportunity. Give a thief a reason to keep looking, and you might improve your odds.

Actually, not to be unsettling, but slightly older Japanese and European cars are the target of choice for “professional” car theives because they have expensive parts and an extensive world blackmarket for them. I think '96 (or thereabouts) Civics were the most frequently stolen car last year.

That makes me feel better about continuing to use anti-theft devices on my car in spite of the fact that it is becoming an eyesore. I am hoping any thieves will see my devices and take my neighbor’s 2000 Honda CR-V instead.

Frankly I don’t think most anti-theft devices are worth it. We get a lot of questions here about problems with anti-theft devices, especially the electronic after market ones.

I’d suggest you look into Lojack:

You should get a break on auto insurance too.

I think it was a Hyundai commercial from awhile back, but it had a really interesting theft deterrent that would sell like wildfire if it were true.

You see a guy walking out to his beat-up, rusted out hulk of a car, reach down and pulls the cover off, and underneath was a brand new car.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your 87 Integra with 127k miles was worth less than a decent alarm system.


My car was found with 3 on donut tires - one still has the original Michelin tire.

Driver side donut was flat - was it purposeful?

Only one headlight was removed.

They tried to remove the windshield and cracked it. They drove about 75 miles.

I am now looking for not so expensive 4 new wheel/tires - factory was 195/60/14 - what other size wheel/tire would fit my car?

Where can I get inexpensive wheel/tire? It would be difficult to get 4 wheel/tires at the Junk yard.

Some junk yards have better inventories than others. Call around and find a junk yard with three or four steel rims that are the same size as the originals…or better yet, let your insurance company find them for you.