Anti-theft device

I have a Honda Civic, and it was just stolen and recovered. Apparently, New Haven is known for having a lot of Civics stolen. I would like to get some sort of anti theft device, but I don’t like the annoying car alarms that seem to go off all the time. I’ve heard that the Club doesn’t work, because thiefs can just cut through the steering wheel, causing even more damage. Is there a good car alarm system that is not horribly expensive? I heard that Lojack is good for locating your car after it has been stolen, but I would like something to dissuade thieves.

I bought a medal disk that fits over the steering wheel and allows me to install the Club in a way that the steering wheel can’t be cut. I found mine at Pep Boys years ago but I don’t see them around much these days. Master makes a better anti-theft device that you can find at Wal-Mart that can’t be removed as easily as the Club. The Club works better if you put it on the back of the steering wheel. That makes it harder to break off.

Anti-theft devices are an effective deterrent against amateurs. Don’t worry about the fact that they can be easily circumvented. Nothing will stop a real professional thief.

Add a fuel shut off valve. Don’t look for any commercial device, they bad guys know them all and how to defeat all of them.

The shut off valve can be automatic or manual. The idea is you shut off the fuel so they can get in start off and get a block or two into traffic and the car will stall. They are not likely to hang around to see what the problem is. The trouble is you have to remember to turn it on and turn it off.

Just have a good commercial alarm installed and don’t worry about it. My alarm has never gone off for no reason. Tell your insurance company when you have it installed, you may get a discount. I wouldn’t play around with anything that you have to install or arm every-time you park. A commercial alarm with keyless entry will arm itself when you lock the doors and disarm itself when you unlock the doors. I don’t remember what mine cost, but I don’t think it was more than $500.