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New seats for my suburban

I wish to replace my leather buckets. 1996 GMC. Can’t find any…does anyone have a lead?

Try a junk yard. You can also have them reupholstered if the leather is damaged. The foam can be replaced at the same time.

I bought seats for a van I converted at Dygert Seating which has apparently become Summit Seating. I don’t know if they do seats for pickups, but it might be worth a phone call tomorrow.

Also check ebay and google. I found some really nice reasonably priced leather seats for a motorhome at a manufacturer who had a lot of overstock on Google, which routed me to ebay.

If the covering of your seats are worn, try a trim shop. I had a seat reupholstered and the cost was quite reasonable. If your replacing the seats for another reason, ignore this advice.