2017 GMC Sierra 1500 - Upholstery Wearing

We have taken our truck in to dealer, we have called the gm Canada about our seats material in the back are all puckered
The front seats have marks on them that look like they are wearing… and it’s all in the fabric…dealer said it was repaired. Picked up my truck and material is still all puckered
Talked to dealer , they put me through to gm
Gm says there has been no recalls… ( campaigns).
I am very displeased as we paid a lot of money for our truck and are told…we have up to 60,000 kms to fix…
we want our seats fixed now.
Put leather in then if the material is shabby.

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Recalls are done for safety issues. Truck is two years old, I doubt GM will do anything about a perceived defect in the upholstery.

I’d check out a local upholstery shop for some input on what could be done- but only because I am in no way an upholstery expert.

But yeah- GM is very unlikely to reupholster your two yer old vehicle. Sorry.

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I tell you what you do, go to Cabelas and get you some seat covers. They make custom covers that are designed for your truck, even with the side airbags.