Torn cloth seats

The cloth bench seat in my 2001 Chevy S10 recently developed a tear. I’d like to patch it up before it gets much bigger, but I’m not sure if any of the products I’ve seen on the internet are effective and I don’t try something that might make the seat worse. I’ve thought of trying to replace the whole cloth seat cover, but can’t seem to find any sites that mention how to do this (and how hard it might be). Any thought?

Check with an auto upholstery and trim shop. I’ve had a new panel put in a seat–it is called “inserting”. I found the cost quite reasonable. Ask a used car manager a dealership. These managers know where to get this kind of work done inexpensively when they prepare a car to sell on the lot.

You can use an iron-on patch to stop the tear from getting worse, or just whip-stitch it with an upholstery needle. Then install a new seat-cover, available to fit your truck. Try e-Bay. Search “S10 seat cover”

You might be better off to find another seat at a local salvage yard. If you are lucky, you might find an upgrade to your seat in a matching color. The price should be affordable.