Leather addition from services like Katzkin

Wanted to see if anyone had experience on using services like Katzkin to replace cloth upholstery with leather.

Just purchased a new car and decided to save by not going with the premium option with leather but now I realize I really miss having leather seats. Heard about services like Katzkin (professionally installed) but wasn’t sure if these would create a similar look/feel as if the car originally came with leather.

Any thoughts?

I don’t know about them. Just make sure you don’t have any airbags in the seatbacks. Some cars do…

The Katzkin covers are cut for a specific vehicle so there would be the space for the side airbag in the seat to work as intended. Haven’t used them personally but the one’s that I have seen are very well done and you have the advantage of being to order them a little more to your liking than just getting the factory leather.

I don’t have anything from Katzkin, though I’ve heard they’re very good. I can recommend Leatherseats.com – I have a set of their covers/door panels in my MR2, and they’re fantastic. Much higher quality than the stock leather was, they look great, and they’ll even do custom embroidery for a ridiculously cheap price.

I’ve heard of them but hvae no direct knowledge of their products. A quick look shows about “1200 dollars and UP”.

I’m assuming that means covers only. Factor in labor charges and the possibility of putting up with the existing covers or trading the car off for one with leather may be better options from an economic standpoint.

I don’t care if they’re cut for airbags, I wouldn’t put something over an airbag in my car. Too much at stake.

I have the same airbag concerns. I researched and I went with Clazzio.com It is actually very nice feel to the “seat covers” that are custom made to your vehicle. Not the reason i chose them is due to price and the ability to diy.

Because the price was so reasonable, i added heated seats at the same time. Certainly if you interested in diy, consider this option. Certainly takes more time than they say, but i liked the idea that i didn’t have to remove the seat from the car and that the leather went over the original cloth.

i can always go back to cloth in a jiffy.

downside to the low price is that it often comes overseas, so you really do have to wait 2 months or more.

i wasn’t in a hurry. the leather is 9/10 in quality. same/similar as to what i would rate toyota factory leather 9/10

I’d hate to have leather seats that weren’t heated. Is this an option with this company?

It’s an option with both companies. Add $100 per seat on Leatherseats. It’s not a terribly difficult DIY - but you will have to run a wire from the seat to a power tap. Most people tuck the wire under the center console to hide it without having to rip the carpet out.

Covers might be cheaper than replacing. I bought a cloth set from the costco online site. It had pockets for the seat airbag too and fitted just fine. Nobody could tell it was not original to the car. No experience with leather.

My daughter bought a Rav 4, new, but she didn’t want to pay for the next model up to pay for the additional things that are mandatory leather seats. This was in 2007 and she used the company her dealer recommended and they only cost $1000 installed. Very nice leather and they have held up well.