Replacement Sienna Captains Chairs

where can I get used leather replacement captains chairs for my Toyota LE’s cloth chairs? and what would be a ‘decent’ price for them? (I live in New England).tnx

A salvage yard can do a search for you, however it will be hard to find them in good condition. Your best bet is to look for aftermarket leather seat covers. They are model specific, and will look similar to the factory leather. I see a lot of Toyota’s in particular with these, your dealer probably can order them. A google search can help you find places to order them online.

You can try: - big networked site of salvage yards. The problem will be figuring out condition.

If the frame on the current ones aren’t broken then it might be cheaper to have them reupholstered.

Parts stores sell leather seat covers. They are of decent quality, sometimes pricey but probably less than a new seat.