New Motor Mounts, Does This Look Right?

I just had the motor mounts replaced on my 1999 Mazda 626. Does the rubber on these look old? These were supposed to be new, should I be alarmed?

All I have to offer is ask the place that did the work and look at your invoice and see it you were charged for hoses.

why hoses? They didn’t charge me for hoses. I’m referring to my motor mounts.

I checked after market listings and they show replacing the entire mount but I recall long ago getting Mazda mounts from the dealer and the press in center was all that was replaced. Does the rubber look new?

The hoses and wires are the only thing in the pictures that jump out and I thought your reference to new rubber meant them . My mistake but I repeat ask the place that did the work you paid for.

it’s shown in the photos I attached to my original post

The cracking and peeling on the engine mounts is a film on the rubber, probably a mold release coating or black paint.

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Ok thanks, it looks like a coating that is just cracking, the rubber looks good underneath

Here’s what a new motor mount looks like.

That’s not a new motor mount.

Even the threads on the bolt still have corrosion on it.


They probably used the old bolts, as motor mounts don’t come with new bolts

Removing the nut would remove corrosion from the threads.


The mounts in your photo look new to me.

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I have seen the cracking on the surface on new motor mounts. They both look new.

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When I expand the photo you provided to look closely at the mounts, they look new to me.

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