Honda element broken motor mounts

2005 Element with 22,000 miles . Dealer says two broken motor mounts (+ cracked timing belt cover). All required service by Honda dealer and never been off a paved road. No accidents. What’s up with this and a $600 repair bill to top it off.

It’s possible the two motor mounts were broken and the timing cover is/was cracked.

No-one to notice a change in vehicle behavior (bumping/knocking noises when shifting, etc) resulting in first: one motor mount broken or worn and then eventually the other mount due to the engine twisting under torque and the timing cover cracking due to the same twisting.

Out of warranty?

Something smells here.

You’ve paid this bill already???

We need some other info: Have you noticed any strange bumping noises when shifting the tranny from Park to Drive or from Drive to Reverse?

Notice any oil dripping on the ground at the front of the engine (passenger side of vehicle)?

UNLESS this work has already been done and paid for, try the following:…

Get at least two other inspections and estimates before you sign anything.

Perhaps one at an independent and another dealer unknown to the first and DO NOT divulge any previous info.

Get all communication/estimates in writing and signed (for your own peace of mind).

Although, your last sentence tells me you are past this.

I agree that some more info is needed.
Any symptoms of engine vibration or clunking sounds?
Did you buy this vehicle brand new, as in 4 or 5 miles on the odometer?
How was this problem discovered? In the process of having other maintenance performed?

Broken motor mounts are common with front wheel drive cars. The engine and transaxle combination puts a lot of torsional stress on the motor mounts. Some cars are more susceptible than others. Sorry to hear it happened to a 4 year old car, but it happens.

No leaks or vibrations evident. Vehicle made a sound similar to a shot muffler when accelerating but noise coming from the front of the vehicle. Vehicle was driven 60 miles after this began including trip to the dealer, Mechanic claims the two bolts in the mounts were sheared off. Vehicle was purchased new Sept./ 05.