2005 3.7 Jeep Liberty Motor Mounts

While looking for new motor mounts for the liberty I found what appears to be new rubber pieces that go inside the round metal part of the mount that bolts to the engine . I’ve only found these one place . All other mounts I’ve found have been the complete mount , metal with rubber inside . I just ran across this & haven’t had a chance to really examine the old mounts to see if the rubber is supposed to come out or not . Until now I had assumed the rubber was molded to the metal & maybe it is . Perhaps the old rubber could be cut or burnt out & the new rubber piece be installed . It would be a lot less expensive to buy just the rubber piece instead of the whole mount . I need both sides & these mounts aren’t cheap . Anyone have any experience doing this ?

I have only seen the metal and rubber bound together. Buying the rubber separately seems like a recipe for disaster. Even if you got tnem to stick together, how long would it last. Try Amazon. I have found the best prices there lately.

The ones listed at Rockauto are only $25-42. Not exactly high priced unless they are the wrong ones.

The ones I priced at my local NAPA are $56.00 & change + tax for one side & $66.00 & change + tax for the other side as compared to $14.00 each for the inserts which I now believe may be a transmission mount part being called a motor mount . Maybe saying they were expensive was a bit of an overstatement but I just paid $1,000.00 for the engine I’m installing & with miscellaneous other parts I’ll have about $1,500.00 invested when the installation is complete . Trying to save a few dollars wherever possible .

Play it safe; go for the complete assembly! Changing out an engine is a lot of work; you don’t want to do it twice.

I ordered the complete mounts . I also emailed the seller of the rubber inserts & asked for clarification of how they were installed . He said they were a pressed in fit in the existing metal part of the mount . Having pressed rubber bushings in suspension parts , I can see that working for the motor mounts .


Those inserts have a steel sleeve around them, you have to be careful with the orientation of the insert when installing them. Much easier to replace the complete mount.

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