Motor mounts

When motor mounts are replaced, is it customary to also replace the motor bolts

Motor Bolts?? Are those like Muffler Bearings?

Motors have about 200 bolts holding them together, which ones are you talking about?

I guess I am referring to the ones which keep the engine from falling out of the car.
The ‘bolts’ on my car failed, causing the engine to fall out 3 weeks after the motor mounts were replaced. Just curious if this was a common problem or one that should have been addressed at the time the mounts were replaced. Thankfully this was not disastrous,though it sure could have been. The shop is making the repair but not really taking responsibility for the problem. Not sure if I can trust the repair.
Thank you for your thoughts.

The new motor/transaxle mounts don’t come with new bolts. However, when the bolts are removed to replace the mount they should be inspected for corrosion or damage. Also, some of these mount bolts thread into what are called blind threads. This means you can’t get at the nut part of the bolt in the chassis. So if the threads of the bolts are damaged as they’re removed, the threads in the chassis nuts are also damaged. And if you thread a bolt with damaged threads into a nut with damaged threads it’s no longer a mount.


So new bolts should be fine? Can you foresee any other damage to the engine or…? anything else, that I should ask about? The engine fell and broke the axle which is being replaced. There was a terrible clacking noise, I guess from the transmission as it stopped when in park or neutral.

The shop botched the motor mount job and now they are playing CYA… They failed to properly tighten the bolts or did not notice they were damaged and needed to be replaced. or neglected to use the lock washers they misplaced. Something like that…

Any suggestions on how I make sure its alright this time? Did I mention this was the dealer