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New job skills for Art History majors

I guess the new job skills taught to Art History majors must be “I’ll make that a true daily double Alex.” Julia Collins is an Art History major that has tied for the second most number of games won by a contestant on Jeopardy. If she wins tomorrow, she will take second place all by herself, but she is still a long way away from #1, Ken Jenkins. She has 18 today, Ken has 74 in his initial run.

And this is how , having a degree…ANY degree, can result in higher pay. Go figure.
Yet I’ve seen car salesmen with X degree in their pocket doing nothing more than…car sales.
Plus it also reinforces the knowledge that people are so much more than they appear on paper
…hence why we , here on this forum, ask many other questions of our members.
We know full well youall are much more than just ‘‘car guys’’.

Did you see how much money she’s won? Man, I should go back to school and major in art history! I tip my hat to her.

Be careful Guys,this thread wont last long-besides another useless degree?Kinda like majoring in Mid-English literature or some such stuff,interesting,but hardly practical-Kevin

Apologies for closure. I understand there was a context for the comment. Sorry, Keith.

just as the show is more than just car talk and the MIT grads are more than car guys, so are the people here. that s why the show and the forum are so good. I believe that limiting this site to just car talk will diminish it, as it would the show that started all this.

The old timers here remember (most do anyway) the episode where a caller said she was an art history major. One of the bro’s asked her if they taught any job skills with that degree. She asked what and he replied “Do they teach you to say ‘would you like fries with that order’”?

It caused quite a few posts to be generated here by other art history majors. It was just a joke but some people just take themselves too seriously.

Maybe that episode will come around again one of these days.

BTW, she won again today, firmly in second place behind Ken Jenkins for most shows won. Only 54 more to go to tie his record.

At least she’s got some smarts. Some may remember CNN’s Wofl Blitzer as setting the record for what shall be called the least informed contestant ever.
I think Blitzer was something like 7 or 8 grand in the hole; meaning that he rang in and was dead wrong on his answers.

“,some people just take themselves too seriously.”

Hmm…now WHO could this possibly refer to…?

I am in favor of any major that teaches students to think and reason and give them an appetite for more learning. Years ago, when a computer science curriculum was new to universities, the institution where I taught allowed students from any major to enroll in graduate courses in computer science, These students did have to make up some undergraduate deficiencies in mathematics, however.
What I found interesting was that my best performing students had been music majors as undergraduates. I figured that there were two reasons for this: 1) the students were hungry. One top student was an outstanding bassoonist. She had auditioned for an orchestra along with 90 other bassoonists for a position that paid $8500 for the season. Only two bassoons are needed for most orchestral works, so these jobs are rare. At any rate, this student decided she needed a more lucrative profession. 2) In music, one puts notes and rests together to make up the measure, then puts the measures together to make the phrase, and then links the phrases for the composition. In writing a piece of computer software, one puts the commands together to do a procedure, and then links the procedures together to do the program. I think these processes involve the same thinking skills.

“Some may remember CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as setting the record for what shall be called the least informed contestant ever.”

Blitzer, just like the rest of the staff of CNN, has little credibility, IMHO.
However, I believe that the same could be said for the folks on MSNBC and on the Faux News Network.

Both MSNBC & Fox have agendas that–unfortunately–include extreme partisanship, and DO NOT include objectivity. CNN is not as obviously biased as the other two, but overall CNN is…just a joke. Their coverage of major events is…at best…amateurish and sensationalistic.

Careful with that driving VDCdriver, I think you just snapped my neck with that hard turn you just took.

Getting back to the topic of Jeopardy, over the years–as a result of being able to answer most of the questions correctly every night–I thought that I would take the qualifying test when they came to my area for testing. My brother–who is much smarter than I am–came with me and also took the qualifying test.

The result for both of us was…let’s just say…sobering.
I was able to answer only 3 of the ten qualifying questions correctly, and my brother answered 4 correctly.
IIRC, nobody in the group of people attempting the test achieved a passing score.
(I think that you need to answer 8 of the 10 questions correctly.)

A couple of years later, we both took the qualifying test again–with similar dismal results.

So, I can tell you that the intense pressure of competition–compared to the absolute lack of pressure when viewing the program in your own home–makes a HUGE difference. If anyone looks down his or her nose at a losing contestant on Jeopardy, all I can say is that since those people were able to pass the qualifying test, then they have to be extremely smart.

More than likely, the pressure of competition is what makes these qualifying contestants unable to look good on the air.

Whether the celebrity contestants have to pass a qualifying test is another issue entirely, and I suspect that they are not tested prior to the program as their presence is mostly for the sake of building the ratings of the program.

It caused quite a few posts to be generated here by other art history majors. It was just a joke but some people just take themselves too seriously.

You may be intelligent…but what do you do with a degree in Art History? Is there a market for it? Do people hire Art History Majors?

I’m all for education. At least this person had to take other classes like History and English (at least I hope so).

Both MSNBC & Fox have agendas that--unfortunately--include extreme partisanship, and DO NOT include objectivity.

They all have their own agenda…But at I have to say Fox is WAY out in front of everyone else. I’ve never heard any other network MAKE UP news the way Fox does…or LIE the way Fox does. Fox even admitted to it in a lawsuit.

Ain’t it a shame, @Mike. The Comedy channel and late night talk shows are often more informative than the Noooz channels.

Yes, Julia is good. I play along and only beat her once by betting the farm. She has an incredibly wide range of knowledge which is what you need as well as a quick response.

We have a group that plays Trivia Pursuit every month. Many of the questions overlap, but Trivia gives you a lot more time to answer.

A few years ago Anderson of 360 was on Jeopardy and failed all the geography questions! The worst score ever by a celebrity was Sally Struthers of All in the Family.

Did you all notice on another thread that our beloved @cdaquila was a Jeopardy champ a few years ago?

@insightful, it was this thread. What’s the saying - those who can’t, moderate?