The question is "What is Car Talk?"

The answer on Jeopardy under the column NPR was Let’s discuss this show: No.1429 was “Click and Clack vs. Electric Brakes”

And the first name of the guy that predicted the Higgs Boson was Peter.

For those who are not aware, there is a long running daytime TV game show called Jeopardy. Car Talk was in one of the questions. When you guys reach retirement, you may actually get to see this show, especially on days where the weather keeps you inside.

And Bill, I posted this in the general section and it is about the show Car Talk so it is not off topic.

Keith I think that Bill hit the flag button by mistake. The Mountain Bike person got flagged by mistake recently and Carolyn corrected it.

I don’t think it was by mistake, nor do I think he had any ill intent either. I think he just didn’t understand the context of my post. I thought it would be of interest to the regular posters that our favorite radio program was mentioned on a popular TV daytime game show.

It’s a conspiracy, @keith. Don’t take it lightly.

Around here Jeopardy is on at 7pm. Just sayin’.