Brain Pool: "Experts Needed" Please!

I recently posted a discussion suggesting that it would be interesting for Tom & Ray to tap our “experts” on this site to enhance their show, kind of a “Phone An Expert” thing.


Thanks for your positive responses!

I have heard back from a Car Talk Cyberbabe about this idea. She said, “I have seen many of your posts, but I must confess that I did not see this one. I will pass this up to the folks who have some say in these kinds of issues, and I will be sure to get back to you, either personally or via the discussion. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.”


Now I need some help compiling a list of our Car Talk Discussion “experts”. We’ve got a goldmine of automotive knowledge here. Let’s mine it.

> Please nominate experts. You can nominate yourself or somebody else.

> Tell the person’s (or yourself) major area(s) of expertise.

> Tell a little about experience / education if possible. It can be professional, educational, or just car owner / operator experience.

> Be brief!

> Those nominated can jump in and help by adding information.

Feel free to add any ideas.



P.S. I’ll link the other discussion to this one, but let’s use this one for our list.

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Since I’m the one who got CSA thinking about this, I guess I’ll go first.

I think this will cover it:

Tires - Capri Racer (Barry)
Outstanding Expertise
Tire Engineer for a major tire manufacturer
30+ years as a tire expert
etcetera, etcetera
Thank You Barry, Capri Racer
P.S. Here’s how Capri Racer gave me the idea!

Automatic Transmissions - Transman (Transman618) Gets My Nomination!
Outstanding Expertise
"Worked for GM dealership as transmission tech before opening up my own transmission shop. Own and operate transmission rebuilding shop. 25 years experience rebuilding automatic transmissions."
Thank You, Transman
P.S. What a resource! This man doesn’t shoot from the hip. Do a search here for “transman” and take a look at the technical diagnoses and the many, many people he has helped.

[u]Oil / Lubrication / Weather Extremes - Docnick[/u]
Outstanding Expertise
Member of the local branch Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE).
Tribology - The science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study of friction, and wear, relative to lubrication.
Thank You Docnick!
Great resource for us! Myabe Docnick can give more details about his experience and education in this field.

Subaru Owner / Operator - VDCDriver He’s Not Sure He’s Ready, But Gets My Nomination!
Oustanding Expertise
A unique feature on selected Subaru models is Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC).
VDCDriver has years of experience with Subaru vehicles and has much knowledge based on his experiences.
Thank You VDCDriver!
We have other Subaru experts. Please feel free to add them.

I suggested something similar to this in a post about a year ago.
Guess I didn’t have it as clearly thought out…

OK4450 general automotive, SAAB, Ford, Subaru. Did I nmiss any other dealership you worked for?

oldschool BMW

Please fill in the gaps, guys

This site should welcome new contributors with no restrictions of any kind and not become some kind of “Old Boys Club” as does another site with the topic being motorcycles, that I sometimes view. I suggest that if people of some accomplishment, including myself if you please, make their credentials too prominent, it may discourage those with fewer or lesser accomplishments who may have valuable information to contribute in specific areas.

With that, I expect this thread to disappear in time as do all others.

PS, The brain pool is already here on Car Talk. I don’t need to know how wonderful you are; just answer the questions when you have something to add.

In addition to those mentioned - Tester. I can’t give any specifics as I only know what I know from these boards.

Generally anything for any auto. Special excellence in diagnosis and diagnostic tips for most any problem along with the most straightforward advice on remedy.

I could do that but I 'cheat" a little. What I mean is I confirm most real late model issues with a friend that is a Dealer Master Tech. I feel its better to cheat like this than give out bad info. My friend doesn’t want to post himself about what is being dicsovered daily at the Dealership concerning late model BMW’s,it’s not a job security activity.

I also use various sources (both personal and online). Joe Mario or Twin Turbo ? perhaps Two Tone, are also good BMW technical sources but I do have the ability to check what’s happening today with the cars. when I get a idea I am not absolutely sure on I start hitting my sources. I don’t know how this would work with a "live’ or semi-live situation.

I have real good late 90’s GM light line,interior trim accessiries,entertainment system (Cougar is also up on the entertainment system issues).

That lock guy that come around frequently provides some real direct answers.

I am current in ASE, AC,Electrical and Service Advisor (yes there is a cert for Service Advisor)There a probably 5 that give error free starting/charging system advice (I think I am one).

I will bow to Hellokit for OBDII but I think I am nipping at his heels as I am working my way up. Perhaps OBDII should also be a team.
Someone has to specialize in VW Diesels (I guess we all know who this would be, Joseph for sure)
Dose anyone want to be labled “VW air cooled guru”? I have done much in this area,but it should be a VW guy not a general mechanic.

The forum should come up with both a stated position on AC work at home,a AC theory of operation and diagnostic procedure “bylaws” type document and a regognized AC man, (maybe a team).

Definite FoDaddy for hi-performance and aftermarket advice and current new car performance specs.

I’d never be so bold as to call myself an “expert” in anything. An “expert” is someone who has his/her own infomercial on TV. Or his own show…like Tom & Ray.

Being an “expert” does not automatically mean you have expertise. I’ve attended presentations from management “experts” that were laughable. I’ve also seen in action management “experts” with graduate degrees who have never, ever, even once, tried to apply all that theory that they teach in their courses in real life.

I’m certain that Bill Gates has countless honorary degrees by now, but when he built Microsoft he was a college dropout. I doubt of he’s taken a single course since he dropped out to join Altaire. Is he an “expert”? I think he is.

Ranking people can cause us to miss out on an enormous amount of knowledge. The discussions on this forum are far too rich with knowledge to begin rating the participants based on their credentials.

Heck. I’ve probably learned far more from my kids than I ever taught them. I’m much the wiser for keeping an open mind.

Calling Tom and Ray “automotive experts” is like calling Glenn Beck a “News Anchor”.
Sorry Tom and Ray but you guys are entertainers, just like Beck (well not “just like”)but in your own way.

We had a “employment expert” come to class one day and she was going to show us all how to write a resume. She started her presentation by saying “Some of you may think you know how to write a resume but I went through four year of College and still did not” the “Bold Fresh” guy in the back (me) popped off, “And whose fault would that be?”

You caught my point perfectly.

I saw a presentation once by a self-anointed “management expert” whose philosophy was simply to fire the bottom 10% of achievers in your company every year. That way, according to him, your overall achievement would improve. It sounds good on paper, but much of that “bottom 10%” is often comprised of the people steadfastly working quietly every day to keep the operation going smoothly so that the achievers can acieve. When I looked at this guys bacjground, I discovered that his entire management experience was in football…

Calling Tom and Ray “automotive experts” is like calling Glenn Beck a “News Anchor”.
Sorry Tom and Ray but you guys are entertainers, just like Beck (well not “just like”)but in your own way.

I get your point. but that’s a huge stretch. The difference in the educational background and hands on experience between each in their chosen field is substantial. I’d go with Tom and Ray on cars. long before I’d go with Beck on…anything. The guy is a certified delusional whack job; and I’m being kind.

More background;

Mechanical engineer; originally trained as mechanic (wheeled equipment) in army.

Long time member of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and past regional chairman. Long time STLE member.

Work as maintenance and reliability consultant with wide range of industrial clients, including mobile and marine operators. Most projects involve “maintenance optimization”, achieving lowest lifetime cost with highest reliability and safe operation, and suitable “life extension” programs.

Operating environment ranged from Sahara Desert to Arctic Ocean oil and gas operations.

You have me there as I agree the distance between the two comparisoms cannot be expressed in words,although you did very well.

But really do you think this Beck guy is just doing what he is told? In all my life he is the only TV “personality” that I simply must turn off, I cannot deal with Beck even as background noise. I will listen to anyone ,Jackson,Sharpton,Shumer,Pelosi,Limbaugh,Hannity,Ingram, Maulkin,Combes,anybody but Beck

Well there are several posters on here that think they are “experts”.

I see the value of this site coming not from the “experts” but rather from the “team effect”.

To me the value comes from sharing input, discussing problems, and learning from each other with contributions from:

[list]Specialists who are very skilled and current in their fields.[/list]
[list]More general mechanics who bring broader hands-on input to problems[/list]
[list]Those of us with mechanic career experience primarily from our past.[/list]
[list]Those with mechanic hobby experience.[/list]
[list]Those in related fields (computers, electrical, lubrication, materials, physics, school teachers, lawyers, car sales personnel, scientists, etc - very long list of other fields).[/list]
[list]The many who contribute to the non-car-related discussions. Some of those discussions contain great reminders about what’s important in life.[/list]
[list]Novices asking asking simple questions which challenge our assumptions [/list]
I don’t know if the “expert” value can be extracted and used as a Car Talk resource. But I do appreciate how much I’ve learned from all the contributors on this forum.