New Headlights causing problems with Power Locks / Car Alarm

Today I replaced my stock 95 Civic headlights with brighter (more white) halogen bulbs. The installation was fast and easy, however, I’ve noticed one problem after the installation; the remote power locks are no longer working. The car remote still flashes green when I press the button but I get no response from the power locks. Because of this the alarm no longer activates when I lock my car from the remote. What could be causing the issue? Are the lights taking up too much power? Do I need a better battery?

The lights are a big improvement from the stock lights however its very important for my car to be secure. It’s been broken into twice, thieves love to target old Hondas…

Any help is appreciated.

I assume the locks aren’t working even if the lights are off. If so then I suggest you check the areas you worked in and see if you disconnected something. Also check the fuses to see if any are bad. Use a test light to verify power through the fuses. If the trouble only happens with the lights turned on then check the battery to chassis ground and other grounds under the hood.

Did you disconnect the battery when you did the bulbs? Maybe you just need to reprogram the remote.