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1999 Honda Civic EX - Car Alarm and Keyless malfunction

My keyless remote won’t work and my car alarm got triggered. Now I am being told that the after market alarm installation was done badly and the mechanic is clueless how to disconnect the after market alarm, activate factory alarm and to get the keyless remote working.

Any suggestions or similar experiences with fix would be appreciated.

Your post suggests there was a factory installed alarm system in the vehicle BEfore the after market one. Is that so?

You’ll have to get the after market alarm disconnected in order to get the security system to work properly so the remote will work again.

You’ll likely need to have the remote(s) reprogrammed after the security system is working correctly again.

Perhaps take your vehicle to an auto electric shop.

Faulty after market alarm system installations not done correctly can really foul the electronics.

Thanks. Yes, I am told there are two alarms. As I am not the original owner, I do not know the details of the installation.
My concern is the mechanic didn’t know to disconnect the after market alarm and the honda dealer is unsure is just disconnecting will be sufficient to fix the security system and enable the keyless.

These factory-aftermarket alarm conflicts have been going on for probably 15years really discusting. I agree a poor alarm install really makes things go bad. Her in Tucson we have a specialist for car alarms. i know we are not suppose to mention bussiness by name but I think this “specialist” is nationwide they do excellent work. I was the dealer tech putting in dealer installed factory approved alarms. Sometimes people wanted features the dealer installed alarm did not have we sent them to the this “specialist”