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New headlight assembly, no turn signal

I installed a new headlight assembly in my 2003 Ford Focus (right side only) and now my turn signal on that side doesn’t blink. The odd bit is that the bulb does work, it just stays on continuously instead of blinking when the right turn signal is activated. The turn signal did work in the original assembly, and the left turn still blinks on and off both front and rear. The right rear turn signal works as well. This being the case, I’m assuming there’s nothing wrong with the turn signal relay, and the bulb obviously works, so it’s a bit of a stumper for me. Thoughts?

The ground to the chassis might be bad on that side of the car

Do the basic visual inspection first. Make sure the 15 amp fuse is good, not cracked, and solidly installed. It looks like that fuse is in the central junction box, fuse 32. Make sure the electrical connectors to the lamp fixures at each corner are doing their thing, not coming loose. And that at all four corner the turn signal bulbs are working and installed correctly. Finally verify the ground connection to the chassis (if applicable) for the fixtures at all four corners are all in place.

After that, the turn signals aren’t done by a simple flasher relay like in older cars, they’re controlled by an electronics module, the GEM, and something may be amiss with that, requiring it be replaced. First check the electrical connectors to the GEM are solid.

Is it by chance supposed to be a two filament bulb? Yeah I guess check wiring again and bulbs.