Turn signal indicators not working

I’m working on a 77 El Camino that has been in storage for the last ten years. Overall unmolested but I can’t get the interior turn signal indicator lights working. The exterior corners work but flash quickly so I suspected bad bulbs. I pulled the instrument bezel and R&Red the bulbs but they were OK (verified by swapping with other instrument bulbs). Emergency lights flash at normal speed outside but, again not inside. Emergency flasher (on fuse box) clicks at normal volume. Turn signal flasher almost inaudible (and I’m not really sure where it is located). All fuses OK. Any ideas?

The trouble may be with the socket connections for the bulbs and the dash panel. It could also be with the flasher unit. It should be under the dash near the firewall and the fuse panel.

Nice call. Turns out both were issues. The sockets had slight corrosion and the flasher was weak. Cleaned up the sockets and flipped the bulbs 180 degrees. Swapped the turn signal and hazard flashers. Together all is well. Will replace hazard flasher on next trip out. Thanks.