Turn Signal Not Working

My turn signal on the driver’s side isn’t working. It clicks quickly like when the bulb is out. The rear one on that side still works, but blinks quickly…which is normal when the front one isn’t working. It didn’t just stop working all at once. Over the course of the last year or more, it has gradually gone out–it would work for a few days and not for a while. A few months ago, it worked about half the time. Now it won’t ever work and I’m due for an inspection. Here is what I’ve determined so far:

  1. It isn’t the bulb…I’ve tried a new bulb.
  2. It isn’t the socket. I took the socket in my hand in the picture and switched it with the passenger side and the driver side still didn’t work and the passenger still did worked.
  3. The plug that the socket goes into on the picture…I cleaned it good and used a little lubricant on it, but that didn’t help either. If that plug is bad, the local parts stores don’t carry it and can’t get it, so I’ll have to go to the Ford House.

Does the running light work? If not, sounds like a bad ground. Time to get Mr. volt/ohm meter out.

Have you tried a new flasher? They do go bad.

I was told that if it was the flasher, it would be both sides. Someone mentioned the ground to me. Where would I find the ground connected? It merges in with all the other electrical lines and I’m not sure fro there.

Grounds are all over the place. They are single wires screwed into the frame and panels. Any rust under them will cause things to not work. Turn signal switch could also be at fault. What year is the car?

“I was told that if it was the flasher, it would be both sides.”

Not true. A flasher can be bad on either side or both.

2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I was told anything in the column or near the signal switch must be fine because if it wasn’t, it would affect either both the front or both on that driver’s side, but the front passenger side works fine and the rear driver’s side works fine aside from blinking fast since the front isn’t working.

Turn on your hazards and see if all the lights work.

It’s the same as well. Passenger side works, but not the driver’s side.