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New fuel pumps no start

I have a 1988 VW Golf I wasn’t getting fuel to the spark plugs so I replace both fuel pumps the one that is in the tank and the one that is inline even after changing both these I got it to start once after I shut the car off I tighten the fuel lines so there is no dripping and then it won’t start again I don’t know what I did or what could be wrong but has anybody else had this problem? Spark plugs work fine, i can hear hear the fuel pumps working so I know it’s getting power

Did you change the fuel filter? Disconnect the fuel line near the engine and try to start the car. Make sure to have a jar to pump the gasoline into. Are you getting gas out of the fuel line? If so, the problem is closer to the engine. You could also see if the fuel injectors are spraying properly. You will pull each injector from the engine individually and test for spray. You want a widely dispersed spray. If you don’t have it, replace the injectors. Do this test with the injectors in a bottle so that you don’t spray all over the engine bay.

Huh? fuel does not go to the plugs. Do you mean fuel injectors.

Well, the gas gets to the spark plugs through the injectors. Newbies may another know exactly the right words, and we can help them learn.

We’ll I got new spark plugs and had a friend crank the car while I check to see if they get spark. No spark. So I got a new ignition coil, charged my battery all the way and still got no start. Fuel is doing good. New in line and in tank pumps (it’s an older car)
Pretty stumped.

They do make it to the spark plugs. Through the fuel injectors, I’m jumping forward with words just so you know how far it is functional

Just out of curiosity, how did you test the plugs for sparks?

Edit: what made you replace the fuel pump in the first place?

No fuel made it to the fuel injectors. They do now.
Update: replaced ignition coil and module, gonna replace the distributor just in case there’s a bad sensor

I am still confused (but it does not take much in my case). Earlier you said that you did have a spark and now you don’t? I doubt that replacing coils or distributors will make a difference. I rather think that, inadvertently, something was disconnected or came loose. I would make sure that all wires and cables from and to the sparks are properly seated. Also check your fuses.

I assume the engine is turning over as you try to start it?

Well clarified, JT, and I support your statement. Lord knows that when I’m trying to solve a problem in a field I’m not knowledgeable in, I need all the help I can get describing my problem.