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New Fuel Pump, Now I Smell Gas

99 Suburban
Fuel pump quit with no known warning… we had a mechanic replace with new.
Picked up the truck and I smell gas outside, near the rear. Check gas cap… Check for maybe some spilled…

A day or two later, after driving for a few minutes, I smell gas in the cabin. Then, when getting out, I smell gas all around the truck.
So, I parked the truck for two days, thinking maybe it would - just go away… Walked up to the truck (actually 3 days later), and what do you know? Gas. Pungent.

So, I returned it to the mechanic, explaining the issues. No gas smell before you put in new pump.

Mechanic says he can’t find anything wrong.
I ask the mechanic if he doesn’t think smelling gas in and out of the truck is a problem… - Blank stare.

Help. I need to be able to take it back to them and, under the guarantee of the work on the pump, tell them what they didn’t do right (or at least a couple possibilities).

I’d suspect the gasket around the fuel pump access is either the wrong gasket or it slipped out of place while installing the fuel pump and lock ring allowing gas and/or fumes to escape.

You need to have a good mechanic come by and find the gas leak. If a spark gets to the leak before it’s repaired there could be a fire or even worse an explosion. This vehicle is probably not safe to drive.