99 Chevy Suburban - gas guage and gas smell


OK so I got the fuel pump changed out and now the problem with not starting and stalling are gone. Now after getting the fuel pump fixed, the needle on the gas guage does not moved and now there is a very stronggas smell coming from outside the car from the rear.

I was wondering if someone would know what this is from and if this is something that is on the mechanics behalf that fixed it…since there was 1. no problem with the gas guage before they fixed it and 2. no prolems with gas smell before they fixed it or if we just seem to be unlucky with this car having everythign go at once.


On many cars the gas gauge sensor is part of or at least very close to the fuel pump. Take it back to whoever replace the pump and tell them about the problem and let them take a look.


I think the sender unit for the gas gauge is a integral part of the fuel pump. So its possible the new pump had a defective sender on it.


Two things:

  1. gas gauge doesn’t work because something is broken or not hooked-up right with the float mechanism. The float mechanism is a part of the same module that has the fuel pump and the fuel line connections. The tank will need to be removed again to correct this.

  2. If you smell gas near the rear of the truck, it means that there is a leak near the rear of the truck. Since the fuel pump was replaced recently, my guess is that one or more of flex lines was not hooked up right. This model should have 5 total flex lines that need to be disconnected to drop the tank: the fuel filler line, fuel filler vent line, the pressurized fuel delivery line, the pressurized fuel return line, and the evap system tank vent line.

Take it back to whom ever did the work. They will need to drop the tank again to fix these problems. And they should. The fuel leak is a dangerous problem.


OK…so I have tried getting a hold of someone from this shop and we first stopped by and they told us to call them and make an appointment to bring it in and so I tried calling and the guy took my name and number and nobody has gotten back to us.

The gas gauge not moving doesnt bother me as much as the strong gas fumes coming from the rear end. I have 5 kids and just spent what I had getting the fuel pump changed, but what i want to know is are they responsible for fixing the gas smell since it was NOT there before they changed the tank or is it my obligation to fork over more money?? Thanks for the answers