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2010 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Smells gasy

My car may be leaking fuel. I just had a new fuel pump installed. It’s been 2 weeks since the installation was done & I am getting a smell of fuel from the car. Is the car safe to drive?

Without seeing or smelling the vehicle no one over the web is going to say it is safe to drive. Call whoever put the pump in because you should have some kind of warranty. You may have to have it towed to the repair place . That is certainly better than a fire.

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Did you replace the fuel pump yourself, or did a shop do the work???


Safest answer is NO, not safe to drive.

looks like access to pump is under back seat. which should make inspecting the sealing o-ring not too hard.

As mentioned above, only a shop visit can tell you w/certainty. It’s normal to notice some gasoline odor when first starting the engine. That’s b/c the computer injects way more gas on cold starts compared to the amount after the engine warms up. Some of that cold start gas goes out the exhaust pipe, and that’s how come you notice the odor. If the odor goes away as the engine warms up, probably ok. But if it remains as the engine warms your car should be taken to a shop for a proper diagnosis.

if this model does have a backseat access for fuel pump i would think some gas was dripped during install. maybe OP can say if this is true. and who did the job.