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New Car Help, Input welcome!

Hello Everyone,

I am currently in the process of looking for a new car, I recently wrecked my 2007 Acura TL type S. It was a great car for me. It was very nicely optioned, had 287hp, so I would have liked for something a little bit quicker and more responsive.

I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations to give me some ideas. So far I have done an extensive amount of research and it seems like you don?t get as much bang for your buck as you used too.

I would like to stay around the 40k range. I am in the market for a ?premium? car, but don?t want to go much over 45k

Unfortunately, my search attempts have yielded little results. Apparently, 40k wont go far in the premium market. Here is what I have done: Originally I started looking at the new Audi A5- I liked how the car is less seen on the streets, however , when seen in person it was very small ,which prompted me to look at the A6 which is a bit out of my range. Next I went to the Mercedes E series (e350). I thought these cars were nice, however didn’t feel like you get much bang for your buck.

At 42k your looking at the p1 package with 10-20k miles on the 2010 model (new body styles). I feel like at near 45k you should be getting either more HP, or more luxurious options like a panoramic sunroof, xenon, etc, which all adds on about another 3k.

Next I turned to used cars- like a 2008 M3 and a 2007 Masserati. I am just a bit hesitant to pay that much for something with 30k + miles. I know these are very expensive cars to begin with, but I feel like i should be able to get something nice, a bit newer, in my price range.

This leads us to the age old question of buying a used car vs. new. What are your guys thoughts on buying a ?higher-end sports luxury car?? I am concerned that people beat the heck out of them for a few years then trade in. Does anyone have any recommendations of cars to consider that I have not looked at? Am I being unreasonable for my price range and what I want?

Im starting to think I want my cake and to eat it too here, but there has to be something. I would really like to be in something luxurious with a good amount of power.

Here is some info about me if it helps. Young Professional, 28 years old, 6?4 240lbs (so space is somewhat important) Living in Cincinnati.

If anyone has any input I would love to hear it. Thanks!


I’ve driven several Maserati coupes – used ones for about $30 - $40 k are amazing deals (they were $100k+ new). It’s a great second or third car, not a daily driver. That’s why you see six year old ones with 25,000 miles. Consider the purchase price on a Maserati to be a down payment.

As far as a daily driver goes, try as many cars and find the one that fits you the best. 3/5-series BMW, MB E class, Audi A4/6, etc. come to mind. After you decide, then find the best 2 - 3 year old one, low miles, one owner, all service records and great pre-purchase inspection. Buy it for 40 - 50% of MSRP. You can easily find any one of these used cars for under $40k. My personal choice would be a E550, RWD, panorama roof, P2 package – more power and faster than the first generation E55 AMG.


Not to bruise your ego or anything, but how about a Hyundai Genesis? With the 4.6L V8 it should offer pretty decent performance and is in your price range brand new. Remove the badges on the trunk lid(it doesn’t have the H logo on the hood) and no one will tell the difference

Perhaps a new Nissan Maxima isn’t quick enough for you, but check it out and see.

I don’t believe all “premium” cars even performance oriented cars are driven that hard by the original drivers. It seems you might drive a car hard, but don’t assume all are driven that way. Some of the these premium cars are acquired via lease and can be good used cars when turned in at the end of the lease. BMW has many such prerviously leased cars and they advertise them heavily to sell them. As far as bang for the buck such cars might be a good option for you.

Check out an Infiniti G37 or G37x if you want AWD. They will be in your price range and have low M&R costs.

287 hp, under 40k, is a tough one. Especcially if your replacing an Acura TL! Look into a Subaru Legecy 2.5GT 265hp or the 3.6r AWD and rated high in the IIHS

BMW 335i
Ford Taurus SHO
Infiniti G37
Cadillac CTS

Here’s another vote for the Infiniti G37 either coupe or sedan.
Personally, I would go with the sedan over the coupe.

If going used, go with a Porsche Cayman.


Can I assume you don’t like the looks of the new TL’s and that’s why you aren’t just getting another one? You can get a new SH-AWD 6 speed with tech package within your budget. I drove one while mine was in for some warranty work, and while I like the exterior of mine better (also an 07), the handling of the SH was an order of magnitude better. Try one - you might like it.

Pick up a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide at the local bookstore and test drive those that look good to you. Personally the Nissan 370Z would be high on my list, along with the Lexus IS230 droptop, but you might have entirely different preferences.

I’m curious: how did you wreck your Acura? Would something faster be more dangerous?