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Car suggestions- Please

I work in sales, travel about 200-300 miles/day, 5 days a week. Currently driving a 2003 Acura TLs with about 225K on it, in good working order, but know it is time to start looking for replacement and am looking for suggestions. Since I will be driving the next car into to the ground as well, will likely choose to purchase a 2-3 year old car vs. new.

Wish List

-high mpg (currently getting about 28 mpg)

-driver comfort (am 5' 5" of average build)

-solid vehicle- i.e. won't feel like I'll get blown off interstate when tractor trailer goes by

-at least 2 power ports

Since you’ve got time, go get the Consumer Reports buyers guide, lots of info and ideas there. Just about any mid-sized (TL-sized) car would fit your needs, a 4-cylinder would get you better mpgs.

How about another TL? You seem to have had good luck with this one.

I agree with texases. Consumer Reports is a good place to do some used car research. Their Annual Auto Issue (April 2011) is crammed full of useful information for anyone in the market for a car.

Have fun shopping.

Don't Overlook Manufacturer's "Certified Pre-Owned" Cars. They Often Have A Better Warranty Than Any Old Used Car, Sometimes At Little If Any Additional Cost. Most Can Only Be Up To 3 Years Old And Of Limited Miles.

Go online to the manufacturers of your choice and read the details of their certifed programs.


Take a look at a 2009 BMW 335d. It will cost about the same as a 2009 Acura TL-SH and gets a lot better fuel mileage. The 335d gets 36 MPG on the highway vs. 25 MPG for the TL-SH. At your high mileage rate, you will save about $3700 per year in fuel costs. Even tough the base TL with the Tech package is $3000 less initially, you will pay off the difference in less than a year with the BMW.

VW Jetta diesel; will net you about 40mpg highway

Why do you think it’s time??? We’ve had 2 Accords last well past 300k miles…If it’s running good I’d consider keep driving it.