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Used 2000 ACURA TL

Hi everyone, I would like to buy a used 2000 acura Tl for 5000 dollars. However, I’ve heard that this type of car has a bad transmission, do you think i should still consider buying this car? please give me some advice. I don’t want my money to be wasted. I’m desperate to have a car. lol

Desperation=making bad decisions.

While $5k is a relatively good price for a 2000 Acura TL in good condition, that leads to the inevitable question–Is it in good condition? (Hint: You can’t tell by looking at the car.)

If you are seriously considering purchase of this car, ask the owner for his maintenance records, in order to see how well it was maintained. By comparing his maintenance records with the Acura Maintenance Schedule that is in the glove box, you can see whether the maintenance was excellent, good, lax, or non-existent. In my book, no maintenance records=no purchase of the car.

Is this a lot of work on your part?
Can it help you to avoid a ticking time bomb that is ready to explode in your wallet?

To take just one maintenance item as an example, the timing belt and water pump in this engine were supposed to have been changed about 3 years ago–if not previously. If the belt & water pump were not changed on schedule, the engine could–literally–self-destruct a minute or two after you buy it. That would give you the option of immediately junking your “new” car or spending another $2,000 to $2,500 to replace the belt, water pump, and damaged valves and pistons.

In addition to requiring full maintenance records, you will need to take the car to a mechanic of your choice to check for accident damage and other less-obvious problems. Expect to pay at least $100 for this pre-purchase inspection.

If everything checks out okay, and if the car drives well, then it is probably a safe bet–as long as you are aware that a 10 year old car can break down at any time without warning.

And, you have to be sure to maintain the car very well if you want your money for this purchase to be spent wisely.

The 5-speed automatics on this car are not very good. I believe Honda recalled them. After the replacement they should be fine.

As we all know, many car owners never bring their cars to the dealership for recall work, despite the fact that it is free. Without full maintenance records, the OP will have no way of knowing whether the recall was ever performed on this car, unless he asks an Acura dealer to run the VIN through their database…

Going car shopping while desperate is similar to going grocery shopping after not eating for 2 full days. Your judgement becomes seriously clouded.

As to whether that vehicle is worth 5 grand my feeling is that it’s likely not. With low miles, clean, and meticulously maintained; maybe.
In regards to maintained, consider the timing belt/tensioners/water pump part of that. If not replaced that’s a pricy thing that you must do immediately.

What I would suggest is taking a deep breath, consider another type of car, and do a lot of footwork before buying anything. I think you can do much better for less money if you remain calm and devote some serious time to car searching.

Thank you for the nice advice!. I appreciate it! I’m so glad I posted this question. I will go and find a better car. yeah, I’m doing a lot of research before buying a car. I know it’s a huge investment especially for me, as a college student. thanks again, have a good one!

Hi!, thank you so much for the wonderful advice. You opened my mind. I never thought of the things you just have said. I think it’s time to do some research about cars that fits for me. I know it’s a huge investment, especially I’m a college student. I’m really glad to ask this question. can I have more suggestions, what car would you recommend me to buy that less than 5k? I will appreciate if you reply. thanks again. have a nice day.

thank you