If you had $35- $40 K, what SUV , truck or car would you purchase and why?

I would purchase either an Chevy Avalanche or a Hummer 3…

I’d go for a Cummins diesel-powered Dodge Ram myself. Depending on my mood at the time, I might even get it with a manual transmission.

Mid 60s Corvette, late 60s Camaro or Mach I, or 70/71 Challenger or Cuda. The reason why would be to kiss boring goodbye.

Car, truck or SUV? Well, at least you have specified a price range.

You need to narrow your range. Consider what you need in terms of utility, comfort, performance and operating cost and rank them according to your personal priorities. When you get down to a half dozen possibilities, ask again.

(If it were up to me, I would get a new Mazda Miata or a used BMW or Porsche.)

It would be the one I have and it would cost a lot less that that.  BTW it is not an SUV or truck.  I don't have an expensive car, but I do have the car I want and the best part of it is it is paid for.

I’d buy a used 4-cylinder Honda Accord, or similar car that gets good mileage and runs on regular, and put the rest of the money in the bank.

I’d buy a used car and stick the rest of the money in a certificate of deposit. After I’ve driven it into the ground, I’d get another used car.

New cars are for fools. I’ve owned one new car and will NEVER, EVER own another one. All six of my cars and trucks are paid off and are used. I believe in cash-only (no financing) and private party sellers.

Sounds like you want to sit up high,have some size around you and you want a new vehicle–test drive a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, you’ll be surprised, and save some dough on gas, not to mention several trips to the dealer to fix things.

What would I buy if I wanted to blow $40K on a car?

I would have a tough choice, maybe a 1971 300SEL, 6.3. Maybe a 1976 911. Maybe a good original 1970 914/6. How about a very nice pre-war BMW motorcycle. I’ve seen a couple of tempting XK-140s. My wife would really like a 1959 speedster. You get the idea. Certainly nothing newer than the mid-80s and nothing that is going to depreciate in value.

You should buy whatever you like.

i can’t honestly say i’d have an urge to put 40k in a car but if i could i’d be a good running civic or eclipse or focus ZX3 hatchback etc, and get all manner of after market parts for some DIY, to me thats much more enjoyable and long term then the 5 hours of happiness in a new BMW.

That was a foolish response. New cars (or used cars) are for people who want them. Just because you prefer a used car is no reason to belittle those who do not.

I do agree with your suggestion on paying cash-only for a car. Unless someone is young and doesn’t have cash for a car. Then they should not overspend. Good money management is the key.

For a new car, maybe an Infiniti G35x. If used, a Corvette C6 or a Boxster. I’d really prefer a Cayman to the Boxster, but it’s still over $50,000.

I think I would like to own a street rod just once before I cash in! Probably 55-57 Chevy restored and beefed up “some”.

New cars are for fools. I’ve owned one new car and will NEVER, EVER own another one. All six of my cars and trucks are paid off and are used. I believe in cash-only (no financing) and private party sellers.

Although I wouldn’t put it quite like that, I agree that new cars are a horrible financial deal. I bought my last new car about 15 years ago (I was young and stupid) and I would never buy another. I also would not buy any car that I couldn’t pay cash for. I would strongly discourage a young person from borrowing any more than absolutely necessary to buy a car.

None. SUVs suck resources, pollute excessively, for their size are not very practical, and few if any people actually need one.

I could give an answer other than “none” if I knewwhat practical purpose such a vehicle was supposed to serve in one’s life.

If I could also afford the insurance (I’m 19). I’d get a new Ford ranger XLT for winter, fishing, hunting, towing etc… For work and such I’d get a base model Ford focus. Both stick shifts. One for the fun, one for the gas milage.

I’d most likly still have some money left over for some accesories. I think that would be the best for me.

So, who did you say was going to give me the money? :slight_smile:

Sam / Hillclimber

Oddly enough this is the price range I’m gonna have for my new vehicle. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to make up my mind either. Some days I’d like to have a truck, other’s I’d love to have to have a convertible and/or large sedan. I still think that the ElCamino/Ranchero were 50 years ahead of their time.
If I knew I could fit, I’d use the $40k as a down payment on this:

For $40K, you should be able to buy a very nice El Camino/Ranchero (cooler that any comperable vehicle made today, and you will have the only one on your block).

Too bad the closest ElCo for sale is an ugly green, been jacked up a couple inches and has some very large(22 or 24 I can’t tell, but they’re big), gaudy rims on it.

If your looking for something unusual, you are really going to have to search nationally. I flew 2000 miles to pick up the last old car I bought.