BMW or Lexus?!?!

Hey everyone, so my quick question comes up from a recent option to get a newer car then my current 1999 Mustang GT. I originally was going to get a new Mustang GT 2012-2013 or possibly a 2013 GT500, but with all the recent problems ford has encountered I am totally done with the brand and wish it well as I depart. Now I would like something with considerable power, preferably a Coupe but I wouldn’t mind a Sedan that kicks some axx. I was thinking about BMW or Lexus as a possible answer since both I have been highly recommended too and both have different options! Now money isn’t a problem since I am getting a amazing discount upfront for paying cash so initial payment won’t be a problem for me, but I would like to know which fits what I like since some of the people on here have either driven both or help me pursue why they like that certain vehicle. Now I have driven the Lexus LS400 and to me it was boring… No engagement to the road or drive ahead and it threw me off as I tested it. Nothing to special to me but man I didn’t feel a thing on the road so long trips wouldn’t be a problem in that thing but I have never driven BMW at all! Now I have heard they are an investment but in the long run pay off far better then a Lexus but suffer from less durability. I’m that person who washes there car almost every week or two and especially the inside, along with that I am also consistently on time with check-ups and tune-ups so with either car will be the same thing. I know that BMW is much more performance and Lexus is durable and easier to repair, but with a warranty on both for 5-6 years which would you recommend to me? Like I previously stated I have a Mustang GT that I loved for its performance but they are so poorly crafted that it makes me want to puke… Toyota is literally %75 built in the US and BMW in Germany (I’m weird I like my nationality of cars) so I fall more for Lexus but performance is what I like especially with a Stick (manual)! Thanks everyone

Concerning your statement about a larger discount for paying cash. I don’t find that to be always true. I was going to pay cash for our last purchase but the dealer took another $500 off for using Nissan finance @ 0 % for 3 years. All they asked was that I make 4 actual payments before paying it off.
As for BMW being an investment , not a chance.

BMW may kick more axx, but a comparably priced Lexus will spend less time in the shop and cost less while it’s there. But the LS400 will be so boring you’ll scream… and so quiet nobody will hear you.

Bottom line: they’re entirely different cars. The BMW is a driver’s machine… but at a cost. The Lexus is a world-class quiet luxury cocoon. You need to drive both to see which you like better.

No daily driver is an investment. Ever.

If money is not a factor whatsoever, buy a sporty car that you consider fun to drive

Wish I was in that position . . . :wink:

If money is no object, buy the BMW. You’ll enjoy spending more on it every time you take it to the dealer for service. That said, I’ve never owned a Lexus, but I’ve enjoyed nearly every BMW I’ve owned regardless of how many wheels they have had. Seriously, I have lost count of how many BMWs I’ve had. All were bought used, and some were subsequently ABused by me for many thousands of miles. They stood up to my punishment, but I did work on them occasionally.

Hah, if money is no object, get a Porsche, it has the best of both worlds/almost. It is fun to drive, it is also probably going to be more reliable than the BMW and from what a few friends tell me, probably easier to work on too.

You lost me when you said you got a big discount for paying cash. Doesn’t happen. I am not interested in enhancing your daydream.

Nisson Maxima.

While most BMW models no longer have the ultimate driving machine feel to them, they still tend to emphasize very good handling. Comparing a Lexus LS400 to any BMW model isn’t a case of comparing apples to oranges, because those are both fruits. Instead, the OP is comparing apples and…rutabagas…or something else very far from being in the same category.

If the OP is looking for a Lexus that is a driver’s car, then he should be looking at the GS model, either of the GS350 type or the newer, racier F-sport type.

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wasting time going to the dealer to repair a car is not enjoyable even if it is free. You have constant confirmation your buying decision was a poor choice. Is a modestly priced car with stellar reliability better than an expensive car with poor reliability?

Lexus RC-F coupe. It has Lexus reliability and is a balls out runner.

Unless you are a rich car enthusiast, you’ll be happier with the Lexus. Consumer Reports did an article on long lived cars and showed a happy couple with a Lexus that had gone over 400,000 miles. Not a single BMW in that study. With a BMW that would have involved several complete rebuilds at a very high cost.

I’m happy wearing Levi Strauss or Wrangler jeans; while some want designer jeans at twice the price and half the durability.

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I have a friend that owns a Lexus LS-F, essentially the 4 door version of the RC-F. He bought it with over 100K on the odometer and it looks and drives like new. He’s not had the first problem with it.

A recent article in Jalopnik chronicled a trip across country in a nearly 1 Million mile Lexus LS-460.

I like BMW’s but they actually drop pretty quickly in resale value compared to other luxury brands because they are leased often and the dealer maintains the car for the first 3 years (I think) for free and doesn’t service the fluids nearly as often as a fastidious owner would. Their electronics are generally more unreliable than the Lexus and VERY costly to repair.

Guys, there is no such thing as free maintenance

The customer is paying for it upfront, even though it may not appear to be so at first glance

@db4690 The same goes for the free roadside assistance for luxury cars. If you can’t make the perfect you can always price in “free” roadside assistance.

Mazda6. All the fun of a BMW with all of the reliability of a Lexus.

If you like performance, I think the BMW is the better choice. BMW’s tend to be nicely appointed like the Lexus, but with a sportier suspension, steering, and braking. BMW braking performance is especially good. The downside with any performance car of course is they push the design limits of the parts a wee bit. Higher compression motors, lighter weight parts, something has to give. And what gives is the maintenance and repair costs. So just plan your budget for that, and you’ll be fine.

Look at the extreme situation. Formula 1 racing cars. Hard to believe, but F1 cars have the exact same engine displacement – 1.6 L – as my 20+ year old Corolla. But they have way more power. And the price for all the power you get with an F1 car, the engine needs to be pulled out of the car, torn apart, and rebuilt after nearly every race.

Now money isn't a problem since I am getting a amazing discount upfront for paying cash

Yeah… No you’re not. If the dealership is telling you that, they’re lying and planning to hide the financial reaming behind a smokescreen of confusing numbers.

I gotta’ wonder. Is this the kid from the other fantasy postings?

Now money isn't a problem since I am getting a amazing discount upfront for paying cash so initial payment won't be a problem for me

We’ve been buying our vehicles with cash for over 20 years…there is no discount. My son bought a used car last year…he financed it through our credit union. We went there BEFORE we actually even found a car…he got approved for a load (I co-signed) ip to $15,000. They handed us a check which we fill in when we buy the vehicle. The check can’t exceed the $15,000. When son found the car he wanted…we filled the check out and handed it to the dealer. Paying this way is exactly the same as paying cash (at least as far as the dealer end of it).