Steering wheel shrieks/squeaks in my Santa Fe

So…the dealer has now replaced the steering column in my heretofore pristine 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe and the noise has not abated. When I turn the steering wheel (left or right) it 'squee’s. The first time it happened, I was afraid I had run over the cat. Now I just know it’s my crazy steering wheel, but the dealer seems to be at a loss for a solution. I figured it was power steering fluid, but they insisted on replacing the whole steering column. Fine, it’s under warranty, go ahead. But when I picked up the car, it still shrieks ‘squee’!

Any ideas?

Most likely, this is due to plastic bushings in the steering column, or to the clock spring that is located in the hub of the steering wheel.

Excellent! I will mention that to the dealer. Thank you.