2013 Cadillac CTS Sedan - whistling steering wheel

My 2013 CTS has 41,000 miles on it. I am short and I have to lower the steering wheel. I started hearing this very low little whistle sound when I turn the steering wheel. The power steering fluid is full. When the car is in park and you turn the wheel, there is no sound

Does the sound seem to be coming from the interface between the moving part of the steering wheel ass’y and the stationary part? In other words, just behind where your hands hold the wheel. If so, could just be the plastic parts have expanded (due to temperature etc), and are rubbing against each other, making a squeaking sound. Try to better isolate where exactly the soundi s coming from. Sometimes a length of tubing can be used as a sort of sound-location stethoscope. If you are stepping on the brake when this happens, try it again, only no brake.

I think you are right about the parts expanding due to heat. You can barely hear it and when the car is in park and I turn the steering wheel, I can’t hear anything.I hate taking it back to our dealer because they always find something in addition to what you brought the car in for. It has 41,000. miles on it. Model year 2013. It is garaged most of the time… Maybe it is something minor

Technicians must inspect each vehicle looking for legitimate repairs, repairing squeaks that few people can hear does not pay the bills.

If the sound in inside the vehicle, it could be from the steering wheel clock spring. More often the squeak is from the steering shaft boot that seals the shaft where it passes through the firewall.

You don’t know my dealership

lol … yeah, fear of dealership shops seems as common as fear of dentists, at least from the posts we get here. In defense of the dealership shops, they presume when you take your car there, that you want the best repair possible; i.e. a “dealership repair”. They are required to inspect the entire car for any pending maintenance & safety related problems and recommend the needed repairs. They do that at least in part b/c that’s what they think you want in way of car-servicing from a dealership. If that’s not actually what you are after; i.e. you’d be willing to compromise with a practical solution, albeit imperfect. Then take your car to a well-recommended inde shop and tell the shop owner/tech your future intensions for the car.

All this reminds me of the story about GM’s Cadillac division’s Christmas Card, as related in the book Car Guys vs Bean Counters.

Boss: Bring me an idea for the artwork we’ll put on the front of the card.
Artist shows Boss a watercolor, winter scene of a boy dragging a sled, tree atop, up a road to a small cabin.
Boss: Cadillac owners want to see a Cad driving up that hill, not a sled.
Artist shows Boss revision, same winter scene but boy w/sled removed, now Cad with tree atop.
Boss: No Cad owner lives in a small cabin like that. Make it a big house!
Artist shows revisions, now Cad driving to big house.
Boss: That house should have a two car garage, not just one.
Artist makes revision, shows Boss.
Boss: Are you sure those are the proper tires for the Cad?
… lol …

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