New brakes grind and fail and i slide while trying to stop hard

I just changed front brake pads and rotors and now when i stop hard my brakes grind and kinda give out and i slide what did i do wrong

Did you clean the rustproofing oil off the rotors and are all the pads facing the rotors? You may be offended by the question but my daoghter had a local “Professional” garage fail to clean the rotors they put on her car.

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Bedding in of the new brake pads is important.Go easy on the brakes for the first few hundred miles.

Did you install the pads facing the right way? The friction material faces the rotor, the metal portion faces the caliper. Like this.

I hope that was a joke…if not…I’m pretty sure the pads wouldn’t even fit the opposite way.

You’ll notice that the embarrassed Mr Slovinski has not posted back with an answer to Mustagman’s question. SOME pads can be put in backwards. I had one of my auto shop students do it 40 years ago. It was VERY noticeable upon first brake application, grinding and grabbing, just as described.

Not a joke at all. A serious question for the OP. Many pads will, indeed, fit in backwards. I have seen pictures on web forums where mechanics have removed pads that were obviously installed backwards - wear marks on the backing plates!


Far worse are things like this;


many years ago my brother asked me at his brakes on his 81 mustang because they were making a noise. They were about in the same shape as those.

Those look go for another 100,000 miles!!!


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I ut m on facing the right direction im gonna try cleaning the rotors again it felt like it gripped it then slid

Put them *

I also know i need to change master cylinder

if I am understanding you properly when you say you were “sliding,” then perhaps the brakes aren’t the issue. What do your tires look like?

I had that happen to me one time installing new pads and rotors. What had happened is the pad wouldn’t set into the rotor because of the surface cut on the rotor. I had to sand the rotor surface with a die grinder and sanding pad then sand the new brake pads by hand and they should set. I know it sounds crazy but it does happen.

You do know what the ABS feels like when it activates, right? I’m trying to make sure this isn’t what you’re reporting here.

I’ve never heard of going easy on the brakes when bedding new brake pads.

As matter of fact, every set of new brake pads I’ve installed, the bedding instructions were the exact opposite.


If you are correct, don’t drive the car until you do. This might also be the cause of your problem.

Some ideas, maybe during the job you got some oil or brake grease between the pads and the rotors somehow. Cleaning new rotors in hot soap and water is required, but it sounds like you did that prior to the install. If any of that gunk didn’t get cleaned off it may be very difficult to clean that material off the new pads; you may need to clean the rotors and install new pads again. Sometimes in positioning the caliper out of the way to remove the rotor the flexible rubber brake hose that connects with the caliper gets damaged, so double check that. Whenever I replace pads and/or rotors to improve the chances of the parts bedding well, as a matter of course I sandpaper (160 grit AlO2) both the pads and the rotors a little, circular motion on the pads and radial sanding marks for the rotors. I clean any remaining sandpaper residue of course. Why do you think the MC needs to be replaced?

Did it over again going to try it out

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