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Front break pads

So I recently replaced my front break pads, they work fine but there is a slight sliding noise the instant I apply the breaks.
I’m thinking it’s just from me not using enough brake lube in the slide when I put the new breaks on. Wanted to verify that as a plausible idea before doing anything further.

Can you define more understandably what “sliding noise” means?

If the rotors were not resurfaced the new pads will need some time to conform to the uneven surface.

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Where’s VDCdriver?
He knows a thing or two about break pads!

On some cars, it is possible to install the disc brake hardware incorrectly, in a way that it will make noise, in the manner you described

I suggest you put the car on jackstands again, remove both tires and reinspect your work, just to confirm you haven’t made any obvious mistakes


Yes, that’s a plausible cause. I wouldn’t say it is the most likely cause tho. I’d guess in order of likelihood

  • this is normal due to the new pads not matching up with the old rotors yet. If so it will gradually go away w/use. The way I solve this problem myself is to re-surface the rotor a little with some sandpaper. If you can get some minute sandpaper grooves radially oriented on the surface of an existing rotor, that seems to help. I usually also bevel the 90 degree sharp edge of the pads a little while I’m at it.

  • installation hardware either incorrectly situated or some of it missing. There’s usually various shims and anti-rattle gadgets to deal with as part of a brake pad job, and those all have to be on there. Doing one side at a time is how I handle that problem, so I always have the original install to compare against as I do the first pad.

Except he has already taken both calipers off so original hardware is probably gone. no reference is left.