I replaced my brake pads and noticed that the front pads were like brand new and the rears were almost gone odd I say. I resurfaced the front and rear rotors and put all new pads all away around. I am getting this annoying sound like grinding and yet there are no damage to the rotors or pads just annoying sound like a constant rubbing. The Corvette Dealer says I need new pads LIARS. and the guy at Firestone says they are fine and just need to mate. I did read the mating piece you guys did and it was excellent. I have changed more brakes then I have hair n my head and this is the first time I have had this issue. Can you help please?

The problem might be that they didn’t leave the right finish on the rotors after they were turned.

The mating between the pads and rotors is dependant on the finished surface on the rotors. If it’s wrong, you’ll never get the pads to seat properly. With new quality rotors and new pads, the finish on the rotors is correct for the pads. And break-in is not a problem.


So, did you not follow the article you were so impressed with and ‘mate’ the pads to the rotors?

I am by no strecth of the means a mechanic but I have done a lot of breaks and rotors. I appreciate all the help you guys have given. Thanks for your support mate