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To Find a Subaru Crosstrek

I am in the market for a Subaru Crosstrek. However, I hate the color options. I have been waiting literally for YEARS to buy a car that is a nice, rich metallic dark green. If I am forced to, I will buy some other color, as this really is the car I want, but is there ANY way at all I can get this car in the color I want?

I doubt if anyone on this forum can answer that . It seems that you should talk to a Subaru dealer or even contact the corporate office. But I can assure you that it will take forever to get the special order and even then the color shade might not be what you want . I think choose another color or a vehicle painted the way you want or spend 8 to 10 thousand dollars to have a new vehicle repainted.

you have been waiting years for subaru to offer a dark green crosstrek? would be ironic if they finally did offer that color and you hated the interior color as well. i have a theory that subie owners have a certain reputation for being somewhat different. maybe its true.

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Is that color currently an option? If it is, order one and wait. If not, forget about it.

Why not buy one equipped how you want then take it to a paint shop and get it painted in the color you want?

You have always had the option of painting the car the color you want. It is a very expensive option but quite possible.

The second option is to wrap the car in deep green vinyl. Much less expensive, lasts about 5 years and can be easily removed when you sell the car or want to wrap it again.

You know, I get so tired of people who bite out nasty answers just because they can. I am an older lady with an honest question. Would it have killed you to simply either not answer, or posted something more gentle? Instead you chose to sound like a low-quality person who will choose nastiness over civility. I am tired of this, and it has been increasing over the past 30 years that I have been on the Web. It’s a great way to say GO AWAY, and I I don’t think this is what CarTalk wants, is it?


Thanks, I just wanted to see whether anyone had any idea whether the dealership could actually order one for me. I tried talking to a dealer but all they would tell me is that they don’t have one on the lot. Quite frustrating.

Thanks, no, it isn’t, unfortunately. What you have said was the first thing I checked.

Thanks, I did check with the dealer, who would only tell me that they are built overseas and that they don’t have one on the lot. I thought perhaps someone here might have another idea.

Thanks. I was hoping someone here might have some idea that I had not yet thought of I do not wish to spend a lot of money on repainting the car. Wrapping it in vinyl?? I never heard of that! Or are you pulling my leg? I’m afraid I don’t know about things like that.

I confirmed this on their web site - they don’t make it in that color, so there is nothing the dealer could do, even if they wanted to.

I’d never repaint a brand new car, but a ‘wrap’ would be an option, but would cost quite a bit.


My days of buying a car from the dealer’s lot ended many years ago, and for a few decades I have special-ordered my cars. That being said, the colors that are shown in the Crosstrek brochure are the ONLY colors that are available.

One of my very few gripes with Subaru (I am currently the happy owner of my third one) is that they tend to have limited color choices. When I ordered my first one, I designated Sydney Blue Pearl as my paint color, and shortly after placing the order, I was informed that it would take 4 weeks extra to get one in that color–even though it was listed in the brochure. It was suggested that I change my color choice to an orangey-red color, which I detested, and which I refused.

On my next two Subarus, I chose the paint color that I disliked the least. Their color choices have expanded a bit over the past few years, but the bottom line is that the “color menu” from which you can choose is exactly what is shown in the brochure–and nothing more. Nothing else exists, unless you want to spend a few thousand dollars on a high-quality re-paint after purchase.


A vinyl wrap covers all the outside surfaces of the car. Much less expensive than a good paint job but still in the $3000 range or so. A good paint job will run $5000 and up depending on a number of things. The wrap stops at the door edge so the inside of the door frame will be the factory color. If you chose a complementary color for the car an the interior, the effect would be pretty attractive.

Every NASCAR stock car is “wrapped” these days and these cars go 200 mph. Nearly every taxi-cab in Germany is wrapped in the pale yellow color required of taxis. The stripes I have applied to my car are vinyl. Shiny as fresh paint and 2 years old in the hot Florida sun.


Wow, that’s a new one on me!

This is a forum. You can receive all kinds of replies and I do not see Cavell’s reply as nasty .

Since that green color isn’t available in the brochure (thanks @texases!) I’m going to second what @Mustangman said with the vinyl wraps since it’s quite a bit cheaper than a new paint job!

My Niece’s husband bought an orange one. I liked the car except for the color, the engine, and the CV transmission. Yeah you pretty much have to take what the factory produces. Now if I could order a gray one, with a regular automatic transmission, and a V6 . . . I liked the Jeep too except that it’s made in Italy, under powered and can’t fit a suitcase in the back. One of the colors is Jungle Green. I’ve only seen one that color and the lady was quite proud of the color. I haven’t really seen anything that color for a long time, since I got rid of my dog. So I just keep on driving what I have.

It was unkind. We are instructed not to post “all kinds” of replies, but to be kind. When one is responding to someone not previously known, kindness and gentleness should always be one’s first response. It is simply good manners.

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Gee, wait until you’ve been called a moron, racist, one of low intellect, ignorant, fear monger, and so on. We can only control what we do or say, not what others do or say.

I will add though, what some of the engineer types here do not realize is how important color can be to the other gender. My wife says if the dealers really wanted to cater to women, they would arrange their cars in the lot by color, not by model or anything else. It would save a lot of time.