Hey all u car people!

got a question. i am looking to buy a car and i am stuck between two totally different cars they both cost about the same yet i like both their style. the first car is a 1999 740il bmw and the second is a 2003 infiniti g35 need help and maybe some pointers on swaying my mind someone please help. keep in mind these cars are going to be my second car which means a whole lot to me and i dont want to make a wrong decision

The Bimmer will be very expensive to fix, and will probably be in the shop more often than the G35. The BMW should also have a lot more miles on it. If you don’t mind that, the buy the 740iL. BTW, you might compare a 5-series BMW to the G35. They are a similar size.

What’s your first car?

jtsanders is absolutely right. The Infinity will require far less maintenance. Note that I’ve owned both brands, but never had a V-8 BMW. I just know that some of the BMW guys seem to revel in their horror stories of how much their cars cost to keep up. It’s like, find a mechanic named Fritz and tithe to him regularly.

Besides, the G35 is a lot batter looking.