BMW's new color-changing technology

:expressionless: Meh!

Only if ‘color’ = shades of white/grey/black. I’d have hoped they would have actually done color!

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Will this chameleon technology help me avoid speeding tickets?

Speed trap: “black BMW just passed at 90 mph”

Chase officer: “I only see a white BMW”



No amount of color changes will make the current selection of BMWs less ugly… just sayin’ uuhhhghgh!


A tarp would look better.


Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something. Can’t imagine a body shop trying to match paint. I shake my head sometimes at Caddys with the white pearl paint that tends to change color and it looks so dull like it is faded, can’t understand why anyone would choose that color.

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This technology existed for years. I remember in the 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz” that there appeared a ‘horse of a different color’. It’s wonderful that this old technology is now being applied to BMWs.
Now we can update the phrase ‘that’s a horse of a different color’ to ‘that’s a BMW of a different color’.

And what happens when you get stopped for a traffic offence and the officer sees the registration of your now-black car is registered as white?

This solves a problem we never had.

I bet any kind of body damage will be resolved with full part swap only (?)
Insurance companies will be happy to raise premiums on the new BMW owners