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Never again, Acura

Acura AC compressor clutches have a known issue of AC clutch failure. Acura extended the warranty to 5 years or 100 thousand miles which ever comes first. The common failure of the AC clutch is 70+ thousand miles. For people that drive a lot of miles the clutch will fail within the time period but for those of us that drive fewer miles the failure may occur outside of the 5 years. Acura declined warranty for my clutch failure stating that my vehicle is past the 5 year period although much below the mileage, partly because I had not been using Acura for all maintenance. They moved the dealership which was about 30 minutes away and is now one hour away so I use an independent shop and a Honda dealer. After having many Hondas thought I would upgrade but that has turned out to be a downgrade. My position is: Acura once but never again.

Which car do you have? The RDX warranty was extended to 7, not 5 years, so you might still be under warranty.